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Video Conferencing is already widely deployed within many international businesses with offices in different locations to save money on international travel, but the benefits of a Video Conferencing solution don’t stop there.

Many organisations can save thousands of pounds every year by using Video Conferencing to connect offices around the UK; saving a fortune in regional travel. It is inevitable that face-to-face meetings will remain essential but it is fair to say that a lot of time and subsequent lost productivity can be saved by holding a 30-minute conference call between two UK cities instead of wasting the majority of the day stuck in traffic.

Other benefits of a Video Conferencing solution include increased productivity with the ability to scale to a mobile workforce and improved communication and collaboration in meetings. Read our Top 10 things to do with a Video Conferencing solution article for full benefits.

Given the different Video Conferencing solutions now available, how do businesses know which one is best suited to their business? Video Conferencing is becoming more widely available through the development of new cloud based solutions that can be more affordable than room based solutions and more importantly, recognised by many organisations as an essential part of unified communications.

Leading IT providers Prodec Networks is vendor agnostic and works with the leading Video Conferencing solutions providers such as LifeSize, Polycom, VaaS-t and Videomeet.  Using this expertise, Prodec Networks has put together a buyer’s guide to help organisations select the correct Video Conferencing solution for their needs based upon a series of key questions.

If you would like to discuss your Video Conferencing needs with one of Prodec Networks Video Conferencing Specialists click here.

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