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Mobile data connectivity provides a stable and reliable internet connection in even the most remote areas in the UK and abroad.


Prodec Network’s mobile data connectivity product, also referred to as bonded 3G, provides a stable and reliable internet connection, linking even the most remote areas in the UK and abroad.

What is Bonded 3G?
Bonded 3G is a technology which provides a super-fast wireless 3G internet connection from any location without the need for a fixed line.

How does it work?
Operating on the 3G mobile network, Bonded 3G combines multiple channels to provide a high-capacity internet connection that is stable and reliable, linking even the most remote areas in the UK or abroad. 

Employing a number of SIM cards allows users to utilise the bandwidth from each in a single connection. A three-channel bonded solution can deliver speeds up to 21Mbps, while up to 42Mbps is possible with the six-channel version; both dependent on cell site congestion and signal strength.

What are the benefits?
Because it relies on the 3G mobile network, Bonded 3G allows businesses to access their VPN from any location, even in the most remote area of the UK or abroad. Highly available, quick and cost effective, it is the perfect solution for temporary connections or for remote sites where a fixed line is unavailable.

The high capacity of a bonded 3G connection also makes it ideal for data-hungry uses, such as broadcasting. 

Why choose Prodec Networks?
Prodec Networks offers a fully-managed Bonded 3G solution that provides customers with a high-speed connection without their having to invest heavily in additional equipment, skills and support costs.

The solution uses Prodec Networks’ core MPLS network to interconnect with UK operators Vodafone and Three, and sites the hub in the core itself.



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