Prodec Networks delivers bespoke cloud backup, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and business continuity solutions.

Prodec provides essential resilience for when incidents would otherwise threaten to disrupt business. Downtime or system outage can have a detrimental impact and cost to your business, can cause loss of productivity, reputational damage and reduced client confidence. Many business of varying sizes struggle to fully recover from a critical event, so it's therefore imperative to have a proven business continuity plan in place to protect your business critical data and applications, resulting in less downtime, and a lower impact.

Cloud-based IT disaster recovery is ideal for companies looking for a solution to help to recover data and/or implement failover in the event of a natural or man-made catastrophe. Prodec operates from three separate UK only data centres to ensure you're provided with the most reliable backup and restoration strategies to suit and protect your business.

Benefits of Prodec's Cloud disaster recovery services include:

  • Replication of your existing systems into the cloud, giving maximum protection at low investment.
  • Restoration of business systems on virtual servers in the Prodec cloud ensures any loss of operation and financial impact of incident is minimised or even negligible. 
  • Quarterly or annual DR tests conducted to prove and guarantee complete data sets, and business information remains secure.

Are you confident you’re ready for business as usual if the worst was to happen? Eliminate the challenge and worry associated with IT disaster recovery with a Prodec Networks Cloud disaster recovery service.

Prodec Networks provides IT disaster recovery as part of its extensive support portfolio.

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