Hybrid business phone systems – a mix of on-premise and hosted technology

Prodec Networks’ hybrid telephony solutions allow businesses to combine the best of on-premise and hosted cloud business phone systems. By applying features from cloud and onsite systems, a hybrid model delivers the resiliency, robustness and control of an onsite phone system with the agility, flexibility and ease-of-use of applications delivered from the cloud.

Built on ShoreTel technology, Prodec’s hybrid telephone systems allow a progressive transition from on-site communications to a fully hosted deployment model. This transition can happen at a suitable pace, without the need to replace existing hardware that hasn’t fully depreciated. This ensures any previous investment is maximised, whilst allowing you to take your first steps towards the cloud.

On-premise vs. Cloud telephony

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Prodec’s hybrid business phone systems are designed to allow you to maintain control and sweat your existing assets, whilst delivering advanced mobility and usability features that substantially improve team performance. Other benefits include:

Financial flexibility

A hybrid deployment model has elements of operational and capital expense. If you have existing communications infrastructure in place and want to make the most of it, you can subsidise this with hosted assets available from the cloud.

Low IT impact

New solutions and applications that enhance communications can be rolled out with minimal impact on the in-house IT team’s existing workloads.

Add new services quickly and easily

Cloud based features can be added quickly and efficiently by simply granting user permissions, rather than installing or implementing new on-site equipment or software.

Excellent support services

Prodec’s team of directly employed and highly experienced engineers and help desk are available to support your hybrid phone system post-installation. Take a look at our full support capabilities here. 

Prodec Networks partners with ShoreTel in order to provide businesses with ShoreTel Connect, the world's leading unified communications platform. Find out more about ShoreTel Connect by clicking on the banner below.

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