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A Forward-Thinking Switch to Cloud Communications


Consultiv Utilities operates as a business-to-business gas, electricity and water consultancy, which provides procurement services and contracts to organisations throughout the UK. Its objective is to bring, high-quality, low-cost, easy to understand products and services to its customers, while also nurturing its relationships with its valued partners. 

Since its establishment in November 2017, the organisation has achieved great success and already has around 3,000 customers. Indeed, even in these challenging times, it is experiencing rapid growth and its workforce of 75, as of September 2020, is set to grow to between 150 and 200 by the end of 2021.

Highly thought of by its clients, Consultiv Utilities’ recent satisfied customers have included Leyton Orient Football Club, and Josh Stephens, Head of Commercial at the organisation, said: ‘The club’s energy bills have been reduced substantially … I can’t recommend Consultiv Utilities highly enough.’

Business challenge

Consultiv Utilities was seeking to migrate from its current, unreliable, hosted communication system to a more user-friendly and effective cloud-based unified communications solution. The organisation especially needed a system that would enable its employees to work more easily and efficiently from anywhere, using any device. It also required a solution that had outstanding contact centre capabilities, excellent analytic tools and reliable call recording features, to enable it to provide the highest quality of service for its customers.

The company’s existing system fell far short of what was needed, as its user interface was not easy to work with, and the platform was unpopular with employees, particularly when working from home. It also lacked messaging and video capabilities, and the system did not integrate with the organisation’s customer relationship management (CRM) application. Furthermore, high outage levels and poor support meant that the system needed to be replaced by a more suitable solution as soon as possible.

Looking to the future, and the company’s continued success, Consultiv Utilities urgently required a communications system that could grow with it and would be as evergreen as possible. It, therefore, needed a more flexible, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution that would integrate with its existing applications, and allow users to communicate in an omnichannel environment.

Consultiv Utilities, Managing Director, Paul Smith explains his reasons for choosing Prodec Networks and RingCentral.

The results

Prodec Networks helped Consultiv Utilities seamlessly migrate to a trusted cloud-based, business unified communications solution by RingCentral, RingCentral Office. Providing voice, video and messaging features in one system, in place of three or four separate solutions, RingCentral Office enables the organisation to substantially reduce operational costs and increase productivity. The platform is also fully integrated with the company’s bespoke CRM system, and other applications, which will considerably simplify and streamline workflows. Moreover, with a flat, predictable monthly fee and no annual support or upgrade costs, this solution should prove to be highly cost-effective.  

Consultiv Utilities no longer has the worry of high outage levels, and can also rest assured that its data is protected, as its new system has high availability (99.999%) and security. Concerns over poor support levels are also a thing of the past, as the solution comes with industry-leading customer care, including 24/7 technical and customer support, and a robust self-service support portal.

In addition, with Consultiv Utilities’ continuing success, the system’s straightforward scalability is already becoming invaluable, as an extra 30 users have recently been quickly and easily added. Furthermore, the platform has also enabled the creation of a ‘work from anywhere’ team of agents, allowing the organisation to adapt and thrive in this new era of remote working.

The Technology behind Consultiv Utilities Success

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