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How Prodec helps Falck Fire Services UK's mission to support, rescue and assist people in emergencies

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About Falck Fire Services UK

Falck is a global leader in the delivery of emergency services and has a long, proud history of saving and improving lives across the globe. 

Since the company was founded in 1906, a core business has been fire fighting for public authorities and industrial clients. Falck Fire Services UK, based in Middlesborough, delivers a range of world-class services to customers in a variety of industrial manufacturing sectors. Falck's Industrial Emergency Response team prides itself on the high standards of services it delivers to companies at the heart of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, energy, biofuel, and biotechnology production in the UK.  

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How Prodec helps Falck Fire Services UK

Falck is all about people helping people and relies on the very best technologies to ensure its employees are always available and ready to help people in need.

In order to react immediately to a reported incident, Falck Fire Services UK operates in a state of permanent readiness and therefore requires a robust, simple to use communication platform that will ensure constant availability, 24/7/365, without fail.  

 Falck Fire Services UK required expert assistance with the design and installation of a sophisticated Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and call recording solution for its new operations centre at Wilton Teesside. Because of the nature of its business, Falk needed a high-performing, reliable solution which would provide the functionality they required and the ability to scale with ease.

PowerDial, a specialised division of Prodec Networks, worked in close collaboration with world-leading communication experts Avaya to deliver the ideal solution and meet Falck's high demands. Avaya's Communications Manager solution is industry-leading and used by 60% of the UK's emergency services, making it an ideal choice. It provides two-way communication to response vehicles and with no single point of failure, it is specifically designed to be always available.

As part of the systems failsafe design, critical components were duplicated to prevent any single problem causing a system failure and ensure maximum reliability and uptime. This has resulted in zero breaches in PowerDial's Service Level Agreement and a lasting, stable relationship between client and provider. 

Client Feedback

"We have the same degree of responsibility across the Wilton site as any other emergency service would have, which means that absolute reliability and robustness is essential for the technologies we use to manage any emergency alarm calls that come in.

The service standards we set correspond with the high expectations of our customers, and from the outset of this project, PowerDial's technical knowledge and service quality more than lived up to the testing criteria that we set.

PowerDial designed and implemented the project very professionally, providing real insight into how we might deliver our services with maximum efficiency, and showed a real empathy with our business needs. It's been a true joy working with them and I can highly recommend choosing them for any kind of communications project.”

Jakob Thinggaard

Project Manager

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About PowerDial

With over 20 years’ experience, PowerDial has accrued a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise specialising in the communications market. This allows Prodec Networks to further enhance its offering of business communication and collaboration solutions, reducing costs, improving efficiency, enhancing customer care and boosting the productiveness of your workforce.

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Voice will always play a key role in an organisation’s communication strategy, but with so many other means to collaborate now available, it's become increasingly important to make modern communication channels manageable, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

Prodec’s unified communications platforms integrate your telephony solution with channels such as video and instant messaging to make communication simple.

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