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Leading business logistics company

About the company

Prodec Networks supports the IT of one of the world's largest and best-known global logistics companies. This organisation, which cannot currently be publicly named, runs its business as one, highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets across 32 countries, with over 97,000 employees, and operates from 1,505 locations.

This industry-leading organisation is trusted by thousands of companies that rely on its supply chain and logistics services. It is responsible for more than 160,000 shipments and over seven billion inventory units every day.

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Business challenge

This supply chain management firm provides end-to-end logistics solutions for a range of major household brands in the retail space. All of its clients operate from large, multi-site distribution centres which each have separate wireless infrastructures and legacy low-functionality analogue phone systems. The main aims of the firm were to streamline its communications and Wi-Fi infrastructures across its interconnected sites. In turn, this would lower costs, simplify management and improve flexibility. Such fast-moving environments ideally require a single, centrally managed unified communications (UC) platform, running seamlessly on a standardised, reliable Wi-Fi network.

The company needed to find a supplier that truly understood integrated voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), wireless and digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) networks, which could design, implement and support a campus-wide solution with minimal ongoing input, and therefore chose Prodec.

The solution

Prodec produced a ‘proof of concept’ document based on a proposed implementation at a test site. Two vendors were selected by Prodec for the implementation of this solution – Mitel’s MiCloud Connect for the UC platform, and HPE Aruba for Wi-Fi. Mitel came out as a clear leader because of its straightforward and scalable licensing options, as well as its exceptional pricing and total cost of ownership. HPE Aruba was also selected because its products are able to provide an excellent mobility experience that is simple to deploy, maintain and manage.

Prodec implemented a UC telephony solution across multiple sites, providing a simple distributed architecture, with one single image system that was easy to use. This was supported by Aruba wireless solutions that unified the organisation’s legacy wireless systems into one standardised network across all sites.

The results

Prodec designed a secure, scalable and robust communications platform covering all areas of the business. The ability to answer all calls from one site reduced the need for multiple call operators across the sites, and a presence indicator provided the facility to see, in real time, which employees were available and where. The solution enabled users to remain connected to essential communications via a combination of warehouse mobility and IP-DECT, allowing them greater flexibility to roam. Prodec also implemented automated call distribution groups (‘workgroups’), composed of workload distribution, call queue options and monitoring software, coaching tools and reporting.

The improved wireless capabilities have helped the organisation win new major clients, as the service allowed them to be slicker, more flexible with their offerings and more competitive overall. It also lowered support costs, made it easier to move hardware from site to site, when required, and most importantly, standardised the network across the entire estate. In addition, coverage across sites was improved by adding resilient Wi-Fi access points to cold storage environments. Finally, Aruba software solutions allowed the firm to embrace a bring your own device (BYOD) policy and guest access, by monitoring and managing all devices on the network.

The company and its clients now enjoy significant cost savings as a result of employee productivity improvements, as well as benefitting from the ability to provide extended last order times for next day delivery to customers.

Client Feedback

"Thanks to the intuitive and ongoing nature of our relationship with Prodec, our new systems are flexible and easy to manage, so we can adapt to meet the changing demands of the business. Most importantly, by selectively outsourcing specialist network IT support, we can focus on what we do best: delivering logistics and supply chain services that enhance our customers’ competitive advantage."

Networks Service Manager

The technology behind this successful project

Unified Communications

The phone will always play a key role in an organisation’s communication strategy, but with so many other means to collaborate now available, organisations need to find a way to make modern communication channels manageable, cost-effective, and user-friendly. Prodec’s unified communications platforms integrate your telephony solution with channels such as video and instant messaging to make communication a breeze.

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Wireless networking solutions

Wireless networking

Prodec creates, manages and supports wireless networks built for the modern workplace. Prodec’s wireless solutions enhance employee and customer experiences, enable a seamless collaboration environment across the workplace, and support business innovation.

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