5 good reasons why remanufactured tech makes really great sense


Lindsay Harriss


23 Aug, 2021



With the importance of us all becoming ‘greener’ being increasingly highlighted on the worldwide stage, we look at how buying refurbished or remanufactured business technology may just be one of the best things you could do for the planet, and also your company’s coffers.

The thought of refurbished technology may not fill you with excitement, in a world that is so focused on the thrill of the new, with many still replacing their smartphones each time a newer model is released. However, let’s be clear from the outset, by referring to ‘refurbished’ technology, we are not talking about second best or substandard in any way. Buying manufacturer refurbished, or remanufactured, IT equipment from a reputable source is a great way to access reliable, high-quality technology, which has met the highest pre-sale standards, at very attractive prices. So, here are some good reasons why buying remanfactured business technology makes really great sense.

1. Good as new

To ensure that your company has the best chance of success, you will no doubt want to make sure that the equipment you choose is of high quality. Well, the good news is that with manufacturer refurbished technology from a trustworthy source, there is no need to compromise on quality or reliability. By a ‘trustworthy’ source, we are not referring to some dodgy ‘Del Boy’ who gets his products from the back of a lorry, but a dependable organisation, like Prodec Networks, which offers reliable products from industry-leading manufacturers with a widely recognised good reputation. But what exactly does manufacturer refurbished, or remanufactured mean? Well, this refers to pre-owned products that have had critical software and hardware upgrades, and have been stringently tested and retested to meet exacting manufacturer specifications. Indeed, their reliability may be guaranteed, as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), with its HPE Renew scheme, offers a full, same-as-new HPE warranty for all such products. Similarly, Cisco, through its Cisco Refresh programme, provides the same certified protection and support for its remanufactured equipment as for its new products. You can therefore rest assured that the quality you are getting is as good as new.

2. Good for the planet

Although the manufacture, use, and disposal of IT equipment can have a considerable impact on the environment, by buying remanufactured items, you can definitely do your bit to minimise these effects. Truth be told, there are many reasons why using remanufactured tech is a great way to go greener. Indeed, by purchasing remanufactured products, you are essentially helping to extend the life of IT equipment, thus reducing the detrimental effect of constant manufacturing, as each brand new item you buy does not just magically materialise, but has already had a big impact on the environment, with the depletion of raw materials required to make it and the generation of greenhouse gases from its manufacture. In fact, it is said to take as much as 500 pounds of fossil fuel, 50 pounds of chemicals and 1.5 tons of water to manufacture just one computer and monitor, and up to 80% of the environmental impact of some small electronic products reputedly comes from the manufacturing stage alone, before they are even used. Moreover, by using remanufactured products you are ensuring that perfectly good IT equipment can be fully utilised and not needlessly disposed of prematurely, helping to reduce the 53 million tons of electronic waste, or so-called ‘e-waste’, produced each year.

3. Good for your purse

While we may all be trying our best to become greener, when it comes to deciding what to purchase, a product’s green credentials might increasingly sway our decision, but the cost of a product inevitably plays a big part too. Well, in the case of remanufactured IT equipment, this not only ticks the green benefits box, but comes up tops as a very affordable option as well. In fact, you can make huge savings on such technology, enabling you to significantly reduce the cost of ownership and generally maximise your business budget too. For example, Cisco Refresh, which provides a wide range of remanufactured equipment from all technology areas, including switching, routing, wireless, IP telephony and security, offers highly competitive pricing that starts at 65% off of original equipment prices. So, this could be seen as a win–win situation, as there is no need at all to compromise your environmental ethics for cost – with remanufactured technology you can help make your business greener, and save a pretty penny or two as well!

4. Good for your green credentials

Sometimes it may seem like anything an individual business can do is just a drop in the ocean of what needs to be done to protect the planet. However, small changes add up and when you consider that businesses in the UK are said to be responsible for 18% of CO2 emissions, any little changes that companies can make, such as prolonging the life of business technology by purchasing remanufactured equipment, could very soon make a big difference. This could also work wonders for your business, as by boosting your organisation’s green credentials, and letting it be known that your company prioritises such greener practices, you could win over a whole heap of new customers, as research suggests that a third of consumers prefer to buy from businesses that are doing environmental or social good. So, by using remanufactured IT equipment, you can also show your customers that you really mean business where saving the planet is concerned.

5. Good for the future

Ultimately, if companies make greener choices in all their business processes, then the future could look a lot brighter than scientific reports predict. Undeniably, society is consuming far more natural resources than our planet can regenerate, so one small way to combat this is by using more remanufactured tech, instead of just reaching for the ‘new’ all the time. In this way, you can not only help reduce the use of earth’s resources, but also minimise the creation of carbon emissions and pollution. Indeed, although the news is now full of the catastrophic consequences of climate change, we can all help to turn the situation around by our actions, however small they may seem. Reassuringly, it is also true to say that technology is increasingly becoming part of the solution, not just contributing to the problem, by powering the green revolution with innovative ways to reduce emissions. So, to help build a brighter future for the planet, and your business, try taking the greener option by choosing remanufactured technology from Prodec.

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