5 reasons to take the leap to a cloud contact centre now


Lindsay Harriss


24 Feb, 2021



Back in spring 2020, businesses had to make snap decisions to enable their employees to work from home, at the drop of a hat, but companies that quickly adopted cloud contact centre technology to facilitate flexible working will continue to reap the benefits long after the pandemic ends. In fact, cloud contact centres can offer a silver lining to lockdown 2021 and beyond, as they can give firms a considerable edge over competitors without such technology, and are here to stay. So, for those who are yet to make the move, here are five compelling reasons to take the leap to the cloud now…

1. Up your customer service game

At a time when people are super stressed, providing an exceptional customer experience (CX) matters maybe more than ever before. Indeed, in a new business landscape where money is much tighter, there is likely to be an even greater importance placed by customers on receiving an excellent CX when dealing with companies. In fact, reportedly, 59% of consumers around the world have higher customer service expectations now than a year ago, while 86% of customers will pay more for a better CX. Certainly, there is no room for complacency now, as this could make the difference between business success or failure. So, this is where cloud contact centre technology comes riding to the rescue, as it can enable you to significantly up your customer service game. In particular, it provides an invaluable omnichannel experience, which enables customers to contact you via the communication method of their choice. And, much more than this, they can seamlessly switch between alternative channels – live chat, phone, email, social media or video call – to continue their conversation, without repeating themselves. This facility is increasingly becoming crucial for businesses that wants to meet customer expectations, compete and thrive in the modern world of what is now known as ‘conversational commerce’. Furthermore, it is rapidly being recognised by forward-thinking companies as essential, as PwC reported that the number of organisations investing in the omnichannel experience has recently skyrocketed from 20% to 80%.

2. Work from anywhere

Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons learned from lockdown is that work is not so much a place we go, as a thing we do, and with the right tools, this can be made a lot easier. So, a powerful reason for businesses to overhaul their customer services technology now is to enable their employees to work safely from home. Indeed, this has become not just a ‘nice-to-have’, but an absolute necessity, to keep workforces safe and well. If you are relying on old, on-premises telephone systems and ageing servers, it can be an uphill struggle to deliver even passable service, let alone impress your customers and keep staff working safely from home. However, by simply switching to a cloud contact centre system, you can immediately enable your people to log on from anywhere and provide exceptional service whether they are office based, at home, or on the go. Moreover, when the current crisis subsides, as we all hope it will soon, cloud contact centre technology will adapt well to whatever the new normal might be. If you choose to move to a more hybrid way of working – with staff splitting their time between office and home – your technology will fit in well with your needs. An added benefit to having such flexibility is also that you will be able to substantially widen the pool of talent you can access when recruiting, as you will no longer have tight geographical limits on who you employ.

3. Keep your people happy

Cloud-based contact centre systems can also make life a lot easier for your employees, and in so doing help improve the service you deliver to your customers. After all, if you want to ensure that you provide the very best customer service, it is vital not to overlook the employee experience (EX) you offer, as happy employees = happy customers. In conventional contact centres, customer service agents may have to access several separate systems to get the information they need to assist a customer, with delays making them seem inept, and stress levels spiralling for them and the customer alike. Conversely, with a cloud-based contact centre system, all relevant details can be easily accessed in one place. As the technology integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, contact records and historical information can be viewed with ease, so agents can understand the context of each interaction and be more efficient. This can go a long way to help boost employee morale and motivation, which can in turn benefit the quality of service provided and aid staff retention. In addition, as users can log on and work from anywhere, stressful commutes are avoided and happier staff have a better work–life balance.

4. Cut costs and hassle

However, perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of moving to a cloud contact centre system is the cost benefits it can bring. By switching to such a solution, you can significantly lower the operational costs of your business, as you will no longer have the overheads of on-site servers, additional software and on-premises maintenance requirements. In fact, choosing such a fully managed, contact centre as a service (CCaaS) solution, means all updates will be automatic, so you can rest assured that the very latest features will always be available. This also frees you from the hassle of the frequent, often time-consuming and cost-intensive, upgrades required by traditional systems, and allows your IT team to focus on more business-critical projects. With servers no longer based on-site and the flexibility for your customer service team to work remotely, there are also substantial savings to be made from reducing expensive office space, as well as lower power costs. Furthermore, features such as reporting and supervisory tools for agent monitoring, can help your business to become more efficient, managing more calls with fewer customer service agents, thus making headcount savings as well.

5. Future-proof your business

Finally, by employing a cloud-based contact centre system, you can help to future-proof your business. While none of us has a crystal ball to know what lies ahead – after all, who could have foreseen the pandemic and its effects on business? – by adopting such technology you can create a certain virtual safety net. With the flexibility it affords for agile working, allowing users to perform efficiently from anywhere, a cloud-based contact centre system can help your business remain resilient and bounce back from possible future calamities. And, as your company grows, your system can also be easily and quickly extended and scaled up to provide more capacity. However, the bottom line is that the world of customer services is changing, driven by the rapid changes in the world today, and by making the move to cloud contact centre technology, you can give your business the tools needed to not just keep up with these changes, but lead from the front. So, whatever the future may hold, with a cloud-based solution, you can be sure your contact centre equipment will not hold you back.

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