How to continue delivering exceptional CXs with a remote working team


Lindsay Harriss


05 Nov, 2020



There has never been a more important time to ensure you continue to meet, or even exceed, your customers’ expectations, to keep them on board and your business thriving. However, for many companies, with the switch to widespread remote working, there has also never been a more challenging time to achieve this. So, we look at how you can continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences (CXs), wherever your workforce is based. 

When the coronavirus crisis first hit, many organisations had to suddenly switch to large-scale remote working for the first time, often including departments which never normally worked off-site. This inevitably presented challenges, not least of all how to ensure that their contact centres could continue to deliver high-quality CX in this new way of workingIndeed, this was a significant issue for many, asaccording to one recent study, only 59% of contact centres worldwide had previously enabled just some of their staff to work remotely, pre-pandemic, but that figure rapidly rose to 74.1% as the coronavirus crisis kicked in. So, if you’ve found yourself in this position, you are not alone – this really is the beginning of whole new era of customer services provision. 

A matter of sink or swim 

But just how important is providing a top-quality CX and can you afford to let this slip? Well, the simple answer is that it is vital if you want to succeed, and you cannot afford to let this slide, especially now when businesses need every customer they can get. During the initial lockdown, in spring, there may have been a certain amount of tolerance for clunky customer service where, for example, you could only contact a company via email. However, although something akin to the Dunkirk spirit may have boosted our collective patience at first, this has now run thin. In fact, so crucial is it to deliver exceptional customer service today, that it is frequently seen as even more important than the quality of product or price you offer, and can be a matter of sink or swim for businesses. Indeeda report by PwC, which surveyed 15,000 consumers, found that one in three customers will leave a brand they love after only one poor experience, and 92% would totally abandon a company after two or three bad encounters. What’s more, exceptional customer service could also add value to your products, as research has found that 86% of buyers are actually willing to pay more for a great customer experience. 

Cloud with a silver lining 

So, how can you ensure that your workers can continue to deliver the exceptional customer service that you would expect from wherever they work? Well, the good news is that technology now has the perfect solution to this conundrum. In fact, pardon the pun, but it is cloud tech that offers the silver lining to this situation. By switching to a cloud-based contact centre solution, you can provide your customers with an effortless way of communicating with your business, by the channel of their choice – phone, email, live chat, social media, or video  no matter where your workforce is basedThis can also help lower your operational costs, as you will no longer have the overheads of on-site servers, additional software and on-site managementIn addition, by choosing a fully managed service, also known as Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS), all updates will be automaticso the very latest features and functionality will always be available. You will also cut out the hassle of regular, often time-consuming and cost-intensive, upgrades required by traditional systemsallowing your IT department to concentrate on more pressing business goals.

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Exceed customer expectations 

But what makes cloud contact centre solutions so excellent for customers? Well, in essence, they can meet, and even exceed, customer expectations by providing an omnichannel experience. What, you might ask, is this? Well, omnichannel customer service simply means that you don’t just provide a multichannel experience, where customers can contact you on a choice of communication channels, but you supply a consistent, unified and seamless service across all these channelsThis means customers can switch between channels and still get a high-quality service. For example, if someone emails you one day with a query, they can then speak to you the next day to carry on the conversation, without having to recap and start all over again. So, no more frustrated customers taking their business elsewhere! Indeed, one study found that businesses with a well-defined omnichannel CX strategy actually achieved a 91% higher year-over-year increase in customer retention rate, on average, than organisations without this. In addition, with a cloud-based system, the range of contact channels you can provide, really can exceed your customers’ expectations, as they include video calling, which can help to add a more human touch to your service. 

Enable employees to excel 

Such challenging times as this certainly call for straightforward solutions and a cloud contact centre system makes life easier for everyone – not just your customers, but also your employees. As maintaining a good employee experience (EX) is also vital to achieving excellent customer service, and the success of your business, this should not be underrated. After all, happier employees can be relied upon to deliver better customer service. The modern, intelligent software provided allows customer support agents to easily meet demand and instantly share information. It also integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, so contact records can be accessed, historical information can be seen, and agents can understand the context of each interaction, to be more efficient. In addition, calls can be recorded so that supervisors can track the performance of agents over time and review past calls for compliance purposes. However, the bottom line is that with a single web-based platform, such as this, employees can log on from anywhere and work just as effectively remotely as they can in the office. In this way, stress levels are reduced, employee engagement is boosted, and you have a happier and more motivated workforce. 

Looking to the future… 

So, if it seems like delivering excellent customer service is an uphill struggle when all your employees are working remotely, there really is a straightforward answer. By setting up a virtual call centre, with a cloud-based solution, you can provide the very best service for your customers and ensure that your business thrives in this new way of working. In fact, looking forward to the future, when post-pandemic there is a collective sigh of relief, such a solution will also be as flexible as you want, allowing agile working and enabling you to scale your business with ease.  

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