How to lower network costs without compromise




24 Oct, 2017



At the heart of every successful enterprise is a high performing and efficient network that supports the business critical systems, applications and communication tools that are the lifeblood of your business. The modern workplace has become increasingly dependent on innovative technology solutions that can deliver the functionality required to gain a much-needed advantage in an incredibly competitive market. But as most business IT budgets are limited, and with just a few having access to an endless supply of cash to invest in the latest and greatest technologies, business leaders are moving towards a more strategic and smarter approach to network design.

So how can you achieve more with your IT… for less?

Prodec Networks has explored some of the ways businesses can reduce IT spend, without sacrificing functionality and compromising the performance, security and reliability of the network:

Move to the cloud

The cloud continues to attract mass appeal from businesses looking to improve efficiency, increase agility and reduce costs. By using the IT resources and expertise of a managed cloud provider, businesses can significantly reduce many of the costs associated with running and maintaining software and hardware on premises. The cloud delivers secure, on-demand access to users, whenever, wherever, enabling more mobile and productive working methods that deliver a much needed competitive edge and boost profitability. The cloud also ensures businesses can avoid costly downtime in the event of a disaster by delivering a swift recovery mechanism that gets you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Learn more about how to move to the cloud with confidence by reading Prodec’s free eGuide here.

Combine cloud with SDN

Cloud computing and SDN (Software Defined Networking) go hand in hand, with many reports revealing that combined use often results in an approximate energy saving of between 40 & 50%. SDN delivers greater flexibility and agility to your network by enabling cloud and network engineers to react quickly to changing business requirements via the use of a centralised control console. SDN also provides the ability to automate the provision of key applications and services, helping to further increase OpEx savings.

Consolidate with hyper-convergence

Imagine how simple IT could be to manage and control if you were able to consolidate your compute, storage, networking and cloud resources into a single shared resource pool. Well, guess what… you can! Hyper-convergence allows you to transition from traditional silos of dedicated compute, storage and networking infrastructure to a simpler, highly efficient and cost-effective network design. A hyper-converged infrastructure is a future-proof investment that simplifies network management, reduces operational expenditure, and delivers scalability without limits.

Invest in managed services

Outsourcing network management and support continues to be an attractive option for enterprises that are looking to reduce IT costs. Network-managed services are designed to remove the burden of IT delivery and allow your team members to focus on front-end business improvement projects that help drive efficiency and innovation. By choosing the right provider you can rest assured that your network is being constantly monitored to ensure optimum uptime of all of your business-critical applications and tools.

Move to the cloud with confidence

Prodec offers a portfolio of solutions built around today's modern IT challenges, helping you to transition your traditional IT infrastructure to a smarter, more effective network designed for today and your future. Learn how to move your business to the cloud with confidence with this handy guide from Prodec Networks.

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