Prodec is pleased to help NHS trusts migrate video services to HSCN


Steve Hinsley


03 Sep, 2019



Since the arrival of HSCN, Prodec Networks has been busy assisting numerous NHS Trusts across the UK with migrating video conferencing services and installing new, easy-to-use, meeting room systems.

HSCN is the latest data network for health and care organisations and replaces the N3 wide area network which was previously managed by BT.

NHS Digital say that HSCN has been designed to “provide a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and care organisations to access and exchange electronic information, while at the same time reducing costs and complexity, standardising networks, enabling service sharing, and extending the parameters of collaborative working.”

Since early 2017, HSCN has been available for all NHS Trusts to begin migrating their N3 network services. In line with this, Prodec Networks and its partner StarLeaf, a leading provider of cloud-based video collaboration services, have been working together to offer NHS trusts the best option for moving to HSCN. 

"It’s been a great experience working with so many fantastic people within the various NHS trusts and supporting the migration of their video services," said James Bowes, collaboration technology specialist at Prodec Networks. "Prodec has extensive expertise in designing, managing and supporting networks, and holds partnerships with many of the world’s leading IT vendors. This has proven to be invaluable and makes it an ideal partner to deliver multi-faceted projects of this type."

“Through our close partnership with StarLeaf, we’ve been able to offer a secure, reliable and flexible video communication solution which is ideally suited to healthcare organisations,” explained James. "StarLeaf room systems provide complete interoperability with other video call systems, including Polycom and Cisco, making it easier and more complete than ever to communicate and collaborate.

“Most importantly though,” James added, “StarLeaf ensures continuity of service during migration by replicating all scheduled video MDT meetings from N3 video service to StarLeaf video services on HSCN.”

StarLeaf is the only UK cloud video services vendor and manufacturer with a point of presence inside the HSCN, and as such is widely considered best-placed to help NHS trusts with their migration plans. 

Together, Prodec and StarLeaf have helped over 20 trusts, including Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust, to successfully migrate their video services with minimal disruption to operations.

If you would like to learn more about how Prodec Networks can assist your NHS Trust with the migration of your video services from N3 to HSCN, contact Prodec Networks today.