Reasons you should be moving your unified communications to the cloud




02 Aug, 2017



Did you know that 74% of organisations are already thinking about moving their Unified Communications to the cloud, with 51% planning to increase their cloud spend this year? If you are not yet one of them, and still rely on an on-premise solution, it is time to advance your competitive position by upgrading your phone system. The reason? A hosted system and provider will give you the speed, enterprise mobility, flexibility and agility needed to drive business, whilst increasing your capabilities.

Here are 3 reasons you should act now:

1. Need for speed

Speed and agility are two main factors if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Don’t let minor details like being engaged in a meeting, going out of office to visit a client or being engaged on another call be the reasons you lose a sale. A cloud phone solution can integrate with fixed and mobile devices, so there’s no longer a need to rely on being sat at your desk to catch the next big sales opportunity. Additionally, with full presence indicator capability that shows which users are available, onsite or out of office, transitioning calls directly to a customer is seamless. Ultimately, the cloud gives your business the speed, flexibility and agility to succeed where a non-cloud based solution could hold you back.

2. It’s as reliable as your hosting provider

If your phone system went down, would your customers still be able to contact you as normal? Running business as usual when your phone system stops working is extremely difficult with an on-premise solution. However, by moving your solution to the cloud, your phone system is as reliable as your connection to the cloud. With most hosting providers promising at least 99.99% uptime, it’s clear why the reliability of hosted telephony shines over office-based infrastructures 

3. Transitioning to cloud-based UC really is easy

Moving your phone system to the cloud may feel like a daunting task, but it really couldn’t be easier. It doesn’t require you to have a specialist IT background, nor does it take weeks and weeks to set up. By moving your phone system to the cloud you can be up and running in a matter of minutes, with all of your employees having completely customised preferences.

Keep ahead of your competitors with Mitel Connect Cloud

Prodec Networks partners with Mitel to deliver brilliantly simple Unified Communications solutions to business of all size and sector. Their flagship UC solution, Mitel Connect Cloud, fulfils all of the above reasons why you should be moving your phone system to the cloud, revolutionising the way you work.

Mitel Connect Cloud is an end-to-end solution that delivers complete business continuity, advanced security and premium customer service. This all-in-one communications platform is an easy to use, low maintenance solution that an end user will get to grips with, and quickly reap its benefits.

Mitel’s solution keeps employees connected to customers and colleagues from any location on any device. By having your phones, security, software, apps, mobility and software all under one easy to use platform, you will have a complete end-to-end solution that inevitably advances your current business capabilities. This solution will also drive growth with visibility and reporting on outages and interruptions, and provides the information you would never get with an on-premise phone system.

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