What is the main network security issue that threatens law firms today?




13 Mar, 2017



If there’s a fire at your organisation, thanks to training and protocol, your employees know to calmly and safely exit the building before regrouping at a designated location. The process is simple, and if the worst were to happen, your employees have been sufficiently trained to follow protocol and keep the threat to a minimum. Do you have similar training protocols in place for network security?

It’s a simple metaphor, but raises an important question, especially in a sector such as legal, where data is of such a sensitive nature that a leak or breach can be devastating for both your organisation, and also of your clients. The question therefore is this: do ALL of your colleagues or employees know how to successfully identify a malicious email that could be a phishing attack, or contain ransomware?

At Prodec Networks, we believe that ransomware and phishing attacks distributed through email is the main network security issue that threatens law firms today. No matter how great your network security technology is, emails of malicious origin can still slip through the net, and as the last line of defence, your employees need to be able to avoid clicking on infected links and attachments or inadvertently sharing sensitive data that could damage your organisation financially or reputably.

Unfortunately, the greatest security gap in an organisation is its people. We’re now in a digital age where more information is being shared than ever before, across a number of communications mediums. Email continues to be one such method of distribution that is critical for communication, but also comes with risks in the form of malware, phishing attacks and ransomware, cleverly disguised as legitimate emails of relevance to the recipient. It’s vital that every member of an organisation can identify an attack, and take the necessary precautions that prevent it from becoming a threat, or even a crisis. Successful ransomware and phishing attacks are devastating for any business, and this fact resonates equally as true within the legal industry as it does elsewhere.

What’s the solution?

A large amount of the threat appertained to email use can be alleviated by network security technologies such as email data classification solutions and web filtering. However, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and business-led initiatives must be rolled out company-wide in order to educate employees how to use their email safely and securely. Nowadays, email attacks are better disguised and more targeted than they once were, meaning that it’s very easy for somebody to fall for one, unless they’ve been programmed to be aware of them around the clock.

The most effective way to achieve around-the-clock awareness of emails isn’t through a one-time security seminar or training session, but through the use of sporadic, disguised simulated phishing attacks of varying difficulty that can be followed up with short security training sessions. There should be no exceptions to those involved. Regardless of role or seniority, every member of an organisation should be enrolled in simulated phishing training initiatives, and as such, the most effective method for this type of training is to outsource it to an external organisation.

User training through the implementation of simulated phishing attacks should be as vital as your regular fire drill. Taking the proactive approach to email security through intelligent ongoing user awareness training is far cheaper than reacting to a successful data breach. It promotes confidence in your people, and ensures that security practices are made more aware across the organisation.

Key takeaways

  • Legal firms should proactively defend themselves from email phishing and ransomware through the implementation of email security awareness training
  • Simulated phishing attacks are a great way to teach employees how to identify and protect themselves from complex and disguised malicious emails
  • Simulated phishing emails should be followed up by mandatory user training that emphasises the danger of phishing and ransomware

Prodec Networks provides businesses across a range of sectors with simulated phishing and email security training solutions. To find out more about how simulated phishing could help protect your business, or to request your first simulated phishing email free of charge, simply click here.

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