Co-managed IT

Extend the expertise of your in-house IT teams with a co-managed service from Prodec Networks

Combine your IT team with Prodec to create a single, effective operation that delivers real results

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Co-managed IT from Prodec Networks

If your IT team is spending too much time changing passwords and fighting fires than they do innovating and driving business objectives, then a co-managed service is the ideal solution for you. 

Prodec's co-managed IT service provides you with the additional support of a fully-staffed IT department that leverages the broad range of experience, skills and services across Prodec's technical teams.

This cost-effective a la carte service allows you to pick and choose the level of service, support and assistance you require, to help you be at your best, always.

How can Prodec help you?

Give your IT an extra boost

Prodec's co-managed IT services provide your business with the extra boost to drive innovation and help your business grow.

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Why choose co-managed IT?

Whether you're looking for experience and expertise that isn’t available to your business in-house or require more technical support without having to expand your workforce, co-managed IT from Prodec Networks is the perfect solution for you.

Prodec will work as an extension to your existing IT team, working to improve the stability and resiliency of your network whilst also helping you plan and align your IT with your wider business objectives.   

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Features of Prodec's co-managed IT services:

Expert IT support

Gain instant IT service and support from Prodec's team of experienced technology experts.

3rd Party vendor management

Prodec Networks can take the lead on managing all of your vendor relationships.

Proactive support overlay

Your managed IT solution is covered by a dedicated 24/7 service desk that is always one call, web ticket or email away.

On-site and instant remote support

Receive on-site or instant remote support as soon as IT assistance is required.

Comprehensive security and malware protection

Prodec's security fabric delivers constant and advanced protection from the latest cyber-threats.

Technology leadership and strategy

Prodec will proactively perform routine checks, create reports and help you to plan your IT strategy.

Remote network monitoring and management

Prodec can provide higher-level eyes on your infrastructure by monitoring and managing your network equipment.

Ad-hoc project work

Gain extra support on a short term or ad-hoc basis when additional IT resource is a requirement.

Support your business network with Prodec

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24/7/365 IT support

Prodec's dedicated team of support staff and engineers are ready to help your users with all of their day-to-day technical needs. With a directly-employed technical support desk, submitting a support ticket with Prodec is simple and efficient. The Prodec helpdesk is available 24/7/365, so if a fault emerges or if you require technical expertise, there’s always an expert available to take a call.

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NetWorks: monitoring & alerting

NetWorks is a service by Prodec which provides 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, management and analysis of your network to ensure it runs at optimum performance, remains secure, and allows your own IT teams to focus on other business initiatives worry free.

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Co-managed IT can provide the extra support your business needs to drive innovation, boost productivity and grow your business. Contact one of Prodec's experts today to discuss your requirements and learn more about how we can help support your business

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