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4 things you need to work from home successfully

08 September 2017

The requirement to work from home has largely increased in recent years, with a reported 4.2 million UK employees having worked regularly away from the office in the past 12 months.

Why are so many organisations going mobile?

For many businesses, remote working has become a significant part of their recruitment and retention strategy. Given the proven benefits working from home brings to the employee and business operation, it’s no wonder organisations worldwide are adopting mobility as a viable working strategy.

The modern ‘everywhere office’ has made way for a more flexible, efficient and mobile workforce. The idea that ‘everywhere is a workspace’ removes the limitations and restrictions a more traditional office provides and instead opens up better opportunity for productivity.

Are you looking to operate your business more remotely?

The question many business managers are starting to ask is, “how do you successfully create a secure, unified and mobile environment that allows employees to work from home, or another remote location efficiently?”

On the surface it may seem like a daunting project, but setting up a mobile environment for your business isn’t as tricky as it may first appear. To start you off, here are four key requirements that you need to be able to work effectively from home:

 1. A suitable computer, laptop or smart device.

This may make for an obvious point, but it’s an important one. A fairly new and up to date computing device that connects to the internet is essential to work from home successfully. Why is it important home devices are up to date, you say? Newer, more modern devices (more often than not!) prove to be more proficient than aging hardware, and therefore home workers should encounter less technological difficulties. Let’s be honest - home workers will struggle to be as productive with slow, temperamental devices that are extremely frustrating to use.

The growth of mobility has been accelerated by the increased use of mobile broadband, web-based applications and various mobile apps. So, in another sense, it’s thanks to this that employees can now also operate using smart devices such as phones, tablets and more.

2. Speedy internet access

Where would we be without the internet? One thing’s for certain, there wouldn’t be a possibility for mobility, let alone a growing demand to work from home. The internet is the hub that binds technology with mobility and subsequently makes working from home possible. Whether it’s email, instant messaging, video conferencing or being able to access business resources, the internet is the main driving force behind these mobile capabilities and is essential in the operation of mobile working. A reliable, secure and speedy internet connection is essential for setting up a workstation successfully from home or on the road. Are you setting up a temporary working environment? Access to resilient and reliable WiFi is vital, so whether it’s an event, or even a construction site, there is still the option to connect to the internet. Prodec Networks deliver the ideal temporary WiFi solution without the need for a permanent fixed line. Find out more here about our cost-effective 4G and 3G temporary WiFi solutions.

3. Secure VPN connection

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) gives mobile workers simple and secure access to company documents and data whilst away from the office. This method is used to ensure security and privacy to private and public networks such as home networks, mobile data or WiFi hotspots. Setting up a VPN is a straightforward process and has replaced the traditional physical connection between the remote client and the server. Working from home on a VPN connection is very easy; your employees simply need to access the VPN software installed securely on their device, and let the working day commence.

4. Real-time communication access

When it comes to working from home or on the road, you’ll want your employees to be no more than a quick phone call away. The ability to deliver high-level communications in real time is key to productivity and a successful mobile workforce. For many businesses, unified communications platforms are proving to be the most efficient way to truly communicate, collaborate and connect with customers and employees. With a UC solution in place, your business will benefit from integrated voice, video, instant messenger, data and mobile channels all via one unified platform that can be accessed from any location. Prodec Networks provides unified communication technologies that are flexible, reliable and suitable for any business environment.

Gain competitive advantage with a mobile workforce

With the future of business mobile, it’s important to understand what it means to operate a mobile workforce. Working from home has an array of endless benefits for both employees and business operations. The ‘everywhere office’ is guaranteed to boost the productivity of your workforce and in turn business success. With simple set up, and little resource, you can expand your office and business profit in very little time at all.

Would you like help or advice in setting up a mobile workforce? The experts at Prodec Networks are readily available to offer tailored help and solutions in making your business mobile. Get in touch with Prodec Networks here.

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