5 key features to prioritise when considering the best video conferencing software for your business.


Lee Ellams


23 May, 2019



The use of video conferencing within modern enterprises is rising rapidly and becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.

However, not all video services are the same, so when shopping around for the best video conferencing software, it’s important to consider the features it offers and how they match the needs of your business and workforce.

To help ensure your investment in video is maximised, Prodec Networks has listed some important things to consider before you make that important choice.

1. Video and audio quality

Maybe a slightly obvious place to start, but video conferencing should provide quality far beyond that of a regular phone call. However, there are still many potential issues that can impact the quality of your experience. Background noise, choppy video, and various hardware-software complications are all possible stumbling blocks.

You’ve probably experienced meetings in the past where participants have joined from various locations, using different devices, some of whom may even be joining whilst on the move. The quality of these different connections and interactions are often highly inconsistent and can cause disruption and frustration.

To address this problem, modern video services such as Cisco Webex and StarLeaf have been built to deliver unparalleled video quality from anywhere and the ability to join from a wide variety of desktops, mobile devices, and any standards-based video conferencing system.

Video quality

2. Ease of joining and participating

User experience is a top priority for any organisation looking to ensure meetings are conducted as efficiently as possible. In the past video conferencing has matched the inefficiencies of in-person meetings, with start times being delayed by features such as complicated PINs and the rigmarole of needing to download dedicated apps, plugins, and more.

Fortunately, modern video software solutions enable users to join from any web browser, with no download or configuration required. Scheduling, starting, and joining meetings should be simple, with minimal effort to invite participants and a single click for users to start and join a meeting.

Ease of joining a conference call | Prodec networks

3. Remote technical support

A great advantage to using video is the ability to communicate with users face-to-face even when working from different locations. If your teams are widely dispersed or your business maintains several remote offices; video communications, paired with features such as Voice over IP (VoIP) calling provides your internal IT team with a powerful alternative to costly on-site visits and protracted ‘back-and-forths’ over email.

Video offers a unique opportunity to provide personalised, hands-on support to users, no matter their location. An IT representative could remotely walk someone through a fix with the help of visual aids after getting a live look at the issue in question. Other in-session features such as desktop sharing and application access make it easier to get to the heart of the problem without any expensive travel.

Remote support | Prodec Networks

4. Seamless interoperability

Video conferencing is a versatile channel, allowing small groups to trade ideas or acting as a forum for potentially thousands of meeting participants to listen to a keynote broadcast – as long as the right technology is in place.

However, to ensure all participants enjoy the same experience, it’s important to have a video solution in place which allows you to seamlessly integrate with the most common productivity and collaboration tools. Whether you’re hosting a big conference for 10,000 invitees or huddling up with a remote team, your chosen video platform should bring everyone together as painlessly as possible.

Also consider the possibility to integrate meeting invites with other applications like calendar software or tools like Salesforce, as this will inevitably make the journey even smoother for everyone involved.

Seamless interoperability, conference between board room and huddle room | Prodec Networks

5. Cost-effective collaboration

As a standalone service, a high-quality video conference is a reliable way to ensure more focused meetings. However, when you combine it with additional collaboration features such as screen sharing, call recording, and social media sharing, you provide even more of the context and interactivity that makes video so useful for today’s teams.

The ability to easily conduct a quick presentation within video chat cannot be underestimated as it lets you hold productive, cost-effective meetings from virtually anywhere.

If you invest in a solution which offers features like call recording, then you can preserve and extend the value of the meeting. If someone missed out and needs to catch up, then they can easily refer back to the recording.

Cost effective collaboration, colleagues collaborate over video conference | Prodec Networks

Next steps

Hopefully the above information has helped to highlight some of the important factors you need to consider when choosing video conferencing software. If you feel you require further guidance or assistance in choosing the right solution, Prodec Networks is here to help.

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