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5 reasons why you should be using refurbished hardware

22 June 2016

Whether it’s networking equipment, servers, storage, desktop computers or telephony equipment, every business needs hardware. At the right time, a hardware refresh is valuable, and sometimes necessary. However, buying new hardware can be an expensive up-front cost, especially when the refresh is relatively large. The alternative to purchasing new hardware is buying second hand equipment that has been refurbished. Now a proven and growing strategy, purchasing refurbished IT equipment rather than new can greatly benefit your business in more ways than one.

The most obvious draw behind purchasing refurbished hardware is the low cost when compared to new – it can be up to 70% cheaper. If your IT budget restricts your ability to purchase new equipment, refurbished is often a much more affordable option for businesses. However, cost isn’t the only reason why you should consider purchasing refurbished equipment. Prodec Networks has put together five reasons other than price why it’s good to buy refurbished hardware:

1. Fully tested and guaranteed warranties

If you buy refurbished hardware through a chosen vendor supplier such as Prodec Networks, you can rest assured that your supplier has strong relationships and agreements in place with the original equipment manufacturers. This means that qualified IT hardware and networking technicians can carefully go through the modules, testing and replacement of any faulty parts with support and guidelines from the manufacturer, putting suppliers in a position to offer full warranty for refurbished hardware being purchased

By being able to offer guarantees and support to refurbished equipment as if it was new, this essentially removes any risk of buying used hardware equipment, if purchased through the correct channels. Thorough testing and inspection, often by both the vendor and also the seller, ensures that your refurbished kit isn’t just an old machine, but one that your business can rely on to perform. 

2. Improved standardisation of your infrastructure

Sometimes it works out more beneficial to replace one or two units at a time, rather than absorbing the cost of a larger network refresh project. As hardware models near end of life support, or is unavailable from the manufacturer at the end of its manufacturing period, purchasing refurbished replacements from resellers offers you the chance to replace a specific piece of kit with the same model, meaning that calibration, management and installation can be a lot easier and stress free, than if you were to replace it with a different brand or model. 

3. Long term availability

When you’ve just invested in a brand new, innovative networking system for your business, you want it to last as long as possible. Buying extra parts and spare refurbished components maximises the life of your system in the event of a failure, speeding the repair process and keeping your business running like clockwork. It also means that expensive investment won’t just be scrapped when the system fails. Refurbishing your existing equipment is an extremely cost-effective and productive strategy in terms of performance and budget. It makes your investment far more worthwhile and supported in the long term. 

4. Environmentally friendly

Is your business looking for more ways to go-green? Did you know that purchasing used hardware or refurbishing your existing systems helps support the environment in a number of ways? Electronic manufacturing processes used in the production of new hardware pollutes the environment, with many products such as heavy and rare metals polluting the soil and water if they are sent to landfill. Like any industrial process, vast amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted as part of the process. In addition, the plastic used for covering equipment take years to disintegrate, and leaks toxic and harmful substances into the environment.   

5. Reliable

There’s often a stigma attached to refurbished hardware, with many believing that it’s just second hand, old hardware that no longer has any worth attached to it and will probably break in a few weeks. Refurbished hardware isn’t just second hand – when purchased from legitimate resellers, it’s tested, certified and cleaned, and often comes with support contracts and warranties to boot. 

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