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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Virtualising Your Storage

10 September 2015

It’s now common for many organisations to make the strategic decision to virtualise their servers. By doing so, they gain greater control over their server environment through consolidation and lower operational costs. 

So why is it not so common to do the same with storage?

Before making the decision to invest more into expensive storage hardware, a recent survey of virtual storage customers revealed 5 reasons why you should consider the virtual option:

  • 75% Reduction In Storage Costs
  • 10x Increase In Performance
  • 4 X Capacity Utilisation
  • 100% Reduction In Storage-related Downtime
  • 90% Decrease In Time Spent On Routine Storage Tasks

Prodec Networks has recently partnered with DataCore, leaders in Storage Virtualisation.

Learn more about DataCore.

DataCore’s SANsymphony-V applies the same principles of server virtualisation to storage. By virtualising your storage hardware, storage devices from different vendors can now work as one, maximising IT infrastructure performance, availability and utilisation, whilst reducing complexity and preventing downtime.

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