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Are you making the most of VOIP?

25 January 2016

Connectivity and communications form the foundation of any business, and ultimately the ability to connect and communicate successfully depends on the quality and efficiency of products and services used. This is especially crucial for smaller businesses when they are aiming to win the custom of a caller. So, what image does your business telephony system present to those who call your company?

With business communication now taking place via multiple digital media platforms including email and social channels, it can be easy to deprioritise or even neglect your business telephony solution. Despite this, a phone call is often the first piece of interaction a customer will have with your company, ultimately setting the standard for the experience and quality of service they can expect going forward. Therefore, it’s critical that small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) ensure their telephony platform is efficient and functional, and ultimately creates the right impression, not only for customers but also for the employees using it.

VoIP phone calls are made and received using an Internet connection. This provides access to more features such as auto-attendant, call routing, voicemail and fax-to-email - all at a lower cost. With business VoIP, small businesses have access to sophisticated telephone features that previously only big businesses could afford.

One main benefit of VoIP is the auto-attendant and intelligent call routing. These features work by automatically answering calls with a recorded greeting and directing them to the relevant contact within the company, even if they are not in the office. For a small business, this is both an efficient and a cost effective solution as it often eliminates the need for a receptionist.

Another advantage of VoIP is voicemail to email conversion, which prevents gaps in communication. This feature is helpful for companies with staff who take frequent business trips, particularly overseas. Given the inevitable lapses in communication that often accompany travel, voicemail to email conversion helps ensure that important messages are promptly received and answered. When travelling internationally voice messages are converted into emails and forwarded to the contact who can listen to them from their personal device, enabling a thorough response to customers and enquiries. Even if a business was to enter into a period of change or rapid growth, for example expanding the office, many VoIP systems also offer an online management platform that allows users to quickly change settings.

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