Are your empty meeting room seats costing your business?




04 Jun, 2018



Your large, formal meeting rooms are excellent for when you need to make a statement, or for occasional meetings where every chair is filled. For many businesses however, meetings of this nature are relatively rare, especially as more and more meeting participants are working remotely.

Consider the average number of participants in your meetings. It’s probably mostly going to be a maximum of four or five local participants, but will often be as low as just two, or even one! If this is the case, and if you only have meeting spaces that can cater for larger meetings, you’re not utilising your office space effectively, increasing the odds of making it impossible to find a free meeting resource, and delaying those all-important collaborative sessions.

It’s vital your meeting spaces are designed to fit the requirements of your business, and over-subscribed yet hardly-filled meeting rooms will be costing your business in terms of money, delays and loss of productivity.

If your teams are only meeting regularly in small groups, Huddle Rooms are an excellent alternative to meeting rooms. These compact, less formal resources take up a fraction of the space of a traditional meeting room, but when suitably kitted out, act as excellent collaboration and communication hubs for both local and remote participants.

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