Man ensuring business continuity by walking to work in bad weather

Can you ensure business continuity?

25 January 2017

The British love to talk about the weather, and for good reason. Heavy rainfall or snow causes travel chaos, and can produce traffic mayhem resulting in huge delays, or even preventing employees from getting to the office at all. In turn, this results in downtime - a costly concept that organisations should be avoiding wherever possible. As scary as bad snow or rain can be, the problems that weather cause businesses can be alleviated through the use of intelligent technologies that increase the flexibility of office workers, meaning that they don't need to brave the road at all.

This blog considers some of the key technologies that make the most of the cloud, that can be adopted by businesses in order to ensure they are prepared for unexpected bad weather. They help to ensure business continuity, even if your office is out of action.

Voice Mobility Solutions

Voice Mobility empowers employees to communicate efficiently and cost effectively by extending the full power of a desk phone and Unified Communications capabilities to a mobile device. No matter where employees are they are fully accessible, are able to pick up voicemail and have full calendar access as if they were in the office.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

VDI simplifies the administration and management of IT infrastructure. Employees are able to log into a virtual machine on any device regardless of their location. Technical issues can be fixed remotely, so that productivity isn’t affected as employees don’t need to go into the office to resolve an IT problem.

Video Conferencing

Meetings can still take place ‘face-to-face’ between employees in the office and those who are stuck at home, or even across countries and continents when trains and flights have been delayed or cancelled due to poor weather. Cloud-based solutions that work on smart devices are ideal for employees who are unable to get into the office.

Cloud Applications

Utilising cloud applications for email and cloud CRM allows users to login via a web browser, enabling employees to continue to work as normal from home as if they were in the office.

Mobile Working Solutions

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