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Do you need to switch your IT support provider?

11 December 2015

Despite network support requirements not being dealt with efficiently, rather than switching many businesses choose to stay and receive second-rate support in fear of heavy costs and disruption to business operation. In reality switching your IT support provider is not as expensive and disruptive as you might think, especially if the level of attention you receive brings benefits to your business.

To help you obtain effective IT support for your business, Prodec Networks has put together a list of reasons why you might need to consider switching your IT support provider:

Have you outgrown your provider?

It’s important to recognise whether the level of support you receive responds to the growth of your business and any changes in circumstances. Has your IT support provider developed alongside your business?  If this is not the case, your network support may lack the resources required to assist the full scale of your business. It’s essential to find an IT support provider that is capable of handling all the needs of the business as it grows.

Are there a lack of long-term plans?

Whilst your support team may be responsive, experiencing a high volume of IT issues suggests your support provider is not resolving the root of the problem. Is your day frequently interrupted by calls to your IT support provider? Regular interruptions can have a detrimental impact on performance and productivity within the workplace.

Is your support team unresponsive?

Your IT support team should consider quick, effective responses to be of the utmost importance. Is your support provider acknowledging your needs?  If you are not at the front of the queue, they do not consider you a priority. It’s time to stop putting up with excuses and find a provider who can deliver the support you need.

Is your support provider falling behind innovation?

Technology is evolving year on year, so your IT support provider needs to stay one step ahead to be able to support your IT. Is your IT support provider letting your systems stagnate? Whilst new technologies might not always be necessary, your IT support provider needs to be aware of new opportunities, and have the skills and latest knowledge on hand to give advice when you need it.

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