Good mental health in the workplace matters


Lindsay Harriss


13 May, 2021



This Mental Health Awareness Week (10 May to 16 May), Prodec Networks would like to add its voice to those who recognise the vital importance of promoting good mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

This past year has been such a challenging time for everyone, so there has never been a better moment for organisations to concentrate on supporting their employees through any wellbeing issues they may be experiencing, and thus empowering them to achieve their best. This includes helping their people to overcome any mental health difficulties they could be encountering.

Over the past few months, Prodec has looked at several wellbeing issues which have come to the fore during the pandemic, in an effort to promote the very best mental health in the workplace. So, if you would like to discover some helpful ways to support your staff during these turbulent times, please click on the links below.