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How can unified communications save you money?

16 February 2016

Now, more than ever before, people are turning to technology to find ways to remain competitive in an increasingly complex working landscape and fragile economy. The ability to stay efficient and react quickly to changing business situations is important for every enterprise that’s looking to grow and remain successful. 

So where does Unified Communications (UC) fit in, and how can it help your business outmanoeuvre the competition?

Prodec Networks has created this quick guide to highlight how a reliable, flexible and intuitive business communications solution can transform your business.

1. Cut IT complexity and lower cost

A UC solution with a single management platform enables companies to increase IT efficiency and lower IT operating costs by freeing up staffing, training, maintenance and financial resources.

2. Simplify user experience

Communication should be simple and obstacle free. A UC solution should be designed to offer seamless delivery of services and applications, providing users with a better, more natural method of communication. By simplifying the user experience, you encourage more productive and profitable collaboration between your employees, partners and customers.

3. Never miss an opportunity and generate new business

Unified Communication provides organisations with the tools to reinvent how they deal with suppliers, partners and customers, which in turn helps to open up new business channels and opportunities. By bringing together voice, video, instant messaging, e-mail, and conferencing into a single unified suite, you enable your employees to engage more effectively, minimising the risks associated with missed calls or slow response times.

4. Drive revenue through increased productivity

Unified Comms tools that are easy and intuitive to use produce significant improvements in productivity. UC features such as presence indicators, instant messaging and collaboration increase the effectiveness of your sales and service teams. Integration with CRM, ERP and other process applications provide benefits such as quick access to corporate data, enhanced sales cycle management and improved customer services and retention.

5. Improve business agility

Cloud-based Unified Communication systems provide you with the agility required to react swiftly to changes that may impact your business. The ability to easily and quickly scale up or down, without the need for expensive changes to existing IT systems, will help you save time and money.

6. Set your workforce free

UC users are connected and fully contactable, allowing your employees to work beyond the confines of the office. The ability to connect, regardless of physical location or device used, provides your people with more freedom to communicate with suppliers, peers, partners and customers.

Prodec's UC solutions are designed to enable comprehensive, collaborative and effective communication experiences. By uniting technologies from leading manufacturers and best in class providers, Prodec Networks will work with you to design a communication platform that best suits your business requirements. Get in contact with the UC team at Prodec Networks.

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