How can you use Desktop as a Service to deliver freedom to your workforce?


Eleanor Crook


15 Jul, 2019



What is desktop as a service?

A key component of the modern workforce is the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, from any device. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows you to do just this, create an “everywhere office” that provides your users with direct and secure access to a virtual PC. This is an advancement from the conventional desktop model, where operating systems and applications are installed directly by administrators. Consequently, the process of managing updates and security can be time consuming as they must be conducted on each individual device. Whilst this model is well-established, it can be slow and inflexible to modern day demands. DaaS is advantageous to this in many ways because it gives you remote access to desktops and the ability to offer your employees increased flexibility.

Man works in cafe on mobile devices

What are the benefits of desktop as a service?

  1. Flexible working
    DaaS gives your employees the ability to access a full PC experience from any internet enabled device. Productivity can be optimised by providing a consistent and user-friendly experience that gives your employees the option to work when they want, where they want.
  2. Improved security
    Reduce the risk of data loss from end-user devices by ensuring that your data is stored and managed remotely in a virtual environment. Prodec’s hosted desktops come with Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) as standard. DLP prevents unauthorised copying of data outside of the VDI window to ensure sensitive information cannot be copied onto a USB or similar external device.
  3. Cost savings
    DaaS can help you save money by reducing upfront investment and lowering operational costs. You’ll only pay for the resources you need and can scale up and down in line with your business requirements.
  4. Business continuity
    Access everything that you need from one secure location. Remove data from local hard drives and secure it in Prodec’s secure data centres to make it easier for you and your employees to find and access data - safely. Your data can also be geo-replicated between data centres for enhanced availability and be backed up for long term storage/protection.
  5. Business agility
    DaaS gives you the ability to scale IT quickly providing greater agility and efficiency. Consequently, you can support ‘bring your own device’ and enable users to work from anywhere.
  6. Simplify IT management
    IT administrators can equip users in seconds using DaaS. They are easily able to configure devices, perform system upgrades and control permissions, freeing IT staff up to focus on more strategic objectives. With Prodec’s DaaS you gain the additional support of a Prodec’s ITIL-qualified service desk, manned by directly-employed support specialists and engineers. Prodec’s service desk advisors can assist users by remotely accessing their session in the datacentre to locate any reported issues and perform the required remedial actions.
Lady helps user by remotely accessing their session

How Prodec Networks can help

Prodec’s desktops-as-a-service offering, powered by Citrix technology and hosted in Prodec’s UK only data centres, enable businesses to deliver virtual applications and desktops hosted in the cloud to any device, from anywhere, with simplified IT management

To learn more about the benefits of DaaS and how Prodec Networks can help you modernise and deliver freedom to your workforce, get in touch with one of our experts today.