Improve The Success Of Your Legal Firm With Unified Communications

Improve the success of your legal firm with unified communications

14 June 2016

In a recent report focussing on the challenges of the legal sector, 35% of respondents stated they were looking for ways to improve the client experience, with 31% also looking for ways to cut costs. Is your law firm’s IT department under pressure to do more with less?

At Prodec Networks, we recognise that more and more legal firms are faced with this challenge, which can be difficult to overcome when systems are neither agile nor scalable enough to support the growth of the business. So, how can law firms balance the need for new technology whilst managing general economic pressures?

It all starts with effective communication. In today’s world, many legal firms are discovering that unifying their connections can lead to a more productive and successful workforce, saving the business both time and money. But what is the force behind this? In recent years the law industry has seen more and more success with more and more firms implementing tailored Unified Communications platforms. This is a simple and effective way to improve client relationships and reduce costs by connecting better with clients. 

Here are three ways Unified Communications (UC) could benefit your legal firm:

1. Unified Communications allows you to manage high call volumes efficiently

Do you experience the frustration of high call volumes? If you do, it’s likely that your clients experience the frustration of long wait times and unclear call handling. Whether you’re trying to manage the high volumes of calls or struggling to distribute these quickly and efficiently, a UC solution can help resolve both of these issues. Unified comms solutions are engineered to provide real time communication regardless of location, increasing the productivity of your staff. Multi-channel communications can take place across a range of devices anytime, and anywhere. This means that calls can be managed quickly and efficiently with smooth and immediate call handling, keeping your clients satisfied and legal operations running smoothly.

2. Be flexible and always available

A unified communications solution can help drive flexibility, in turn boosting productivity—especially when it’s bespoke to your legal firm. Try implementing a solution with desk phone features supported by mobile smartphones and tablets. This enables employees to transfer, conference and use video calling regardless of their location, unifying unlimited locations, remote sites, teleworkers and mobile devices. Implementing a Unified Communication platform places all of these areas within a single management interface making it much more manageable for the business as a whole.

3. Overcome communication challenges

Effective communication should be at the heart of every law firm. In an industry that depends on clear, concise and accurate information, confusion due to miscommunication or lack of sufficient communication can lead to serious mistakes and heavy consequences. But, with the right unified communications solution in place, operations become streamlined, boosting productivity and saving businesses both time and money.

Which Unified Communications solution is best for you?

As a leading technology solutions provider, Prodec Networks understands that UC provides users with a complete communications package that unites all aspects of voice, data and employee collaboration into a single, manageable business solution. Prodec Networks partners with ShoreTel, a leading Unified Communications and Telephony provider who deliver brilliantly simple UC solutions that legal firms can depend on. ShoreTel recently brought to market their latest and most innovative Unified Communication platform, ShoreTel Connect. This remarkable innovation in IP technology allows businesses to build a communications system in a way that works best for their business. Whether it's located on the cloud, hosted on hardware based on site, or even a mix of both, ShoreTel Connect is a highly flexible platform proven to improve productivity and reduce operational costs. Find out more about ShoreTel Connect here >>>

Are you keen to cut costs and increase the success of your legal firm? 

With benefits such as reduced spend, enhanced productivity, and improved efficiency of your business, implementing a unified communications solution is a no-brainer for legal firms wanting to stay ahead of the game. Prodec Networks has a team of highly qualified unified communication specialists readily available that will work with you to offer tailored advice, and design, implement and support a communications platform that best suits your business requirements.

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