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Modern endpoint protection - Why antivirus just won’t cut it these days

04 January 2017

According to SentinelOne, leading endpoint protection vendor, in 2015 Enterprises collectively faced over 3 billion cyber attacks. If this volume alone isn’t enough to make you question how secure your endpoint protection infrastructure is, then perhaps the 317 million newly discovered variants of malware will?

Such variants of malware are not only growing in size but more alarmingly in sophistication. When you consider the sheer level of diversity and complexity in today’s cyber attacks, it’s no wonder it’s increasingly difficult to detect them all - no matter how responsive your business may be.

In order to conquer today's sophisticated cyber attacks, businesses need to take a fundamentally different approach; anti-virus just won’t cut it anymore. This is because advanced malware is now capable of by-passing AV-based protection almost as quickly as it takes to update the latest threats detected. In addition, there is an extremely high level of vulnerability in the gap between detection and response. So, even if an attack is successfully identified, a lack of integrated response tools will force manual attempts to neutralise it. In the meantime, that attack can very quickly multiply to other areas of your infrastructure. Are you really willing to take this risk?

At Prodec Networks we understand how challenging it can be for businesses to find better ways to strengthen its endpoint protection infrastructure. So, in an effort to help businesses tackle this common challenge head on, our experts at Prodec Networks have identified that the key to effective endpoint protection resides in the ability to dynamically analyse and predict any threat’s behaviour - and respond intelligently at machine speed. This is where SentinelOne’s innovative endpoint protection platform has profoundly elevated the threat prevention market.

SentinelOne is a certified replacement for AV-based solutions and is recognised as a Visionary on the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. SentinelOne’s next-generation endpoint and server protection uses several layers of attack prevention, including behaviour detection and machine learning, to stop attacks that others simply can’t.

This solution also provides unparalleled threat visibility at a minimum system impact. The SentinelOne platform unifies prevention, detection and response which operate to provide businesses with the following benefits:

  • Predict malicious behaviour
  • Rapidly eliminate threats
  • Seamlessly adapt defences

Do you have unanswered questions concerning your current endpoint protection infrastructure? Or perhaps you would like help or advice enhancing your endpoint security? If so, please get in touch with the experts at Prodec Networks who are readily available to offer professional, impartial advice to businesses of all shapes and sizes at any stage of their security project.

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