Move to the cloud with confidence

09 March 2016

move to the cloud with confidence - infographic

Move to the cloud with confidence

Read Prodec's four key benefits and move to the cloud with confidence:

1. Reduce Costs:

  • A cloud solution allows your business to save substantially on IT costs. Responsibilities of your IT team such as maintaining data and upgrading systems is now passed to the hands of a third party.With a cloud based solution you only buy what you need so you can limit your business expenditures. This means you never commit to hardware capacities or software you never end up using.

2. Work from Anywhere:

  • Cloud services enable you to work from anywhere at any time, providing access to emails and documents from virtually any device connected to the Internet. Cloud services also enhance employee collaboration, allowing employees to sync up and work on documents and shared apps simultaneously no matter where they are located.

    The physical office is quickly becoming a thing of the past and cloud computing is designed to capitalise on that.

3. Greater Business Agility:

  • The cloud puts information at an employee’s fingertips, regardless of their location. An employee no longer needs to be in the office to access documents and the capacity of their device is also no longer a factor with a cloud solution in place.

4. Instant Scalability:

  • One of the biggest challenges facing enterprises is how to cope with the highs and lows of demand. Previously, your IT department would have to prepare the infrastructure to deal with these fluctuations. With the a cloud-based infrastructure however, your company is able to cope with these changes with complete flexibility.

Prodec Networks provides you with powerful, secure and scalable hosting solutions bespoke to your business. By transferring your current IT infrastructure to the Cloud, you will gain the freedom to work from anywhere, with total confidence in your IT solutions. Prodec offers a range of Cloud services that are rigorously tested and managed to give your IT departments back the time, capacity and focus they deserve.

There has never been a better time to move your current IT system into the cloud. The cloud is economical, fast, always up-to-date, scalable and completely mobile. Prodec Networks offer a range of powerful, flexible and secure cloud solutions completely bespoke to your business needs. Move to the cloud with confidence with help from the experts at Prodec.

Choosing a new cloud provider

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