Moving to the cloud - why your phone system is a great place to start

Moving your phone system to the cloud

08 February 2018

Moving to the cloud: Why your phone system is a great place to start

By the start of 2017, 88% of UK organisations had already adopted the cloud in some form within their business. A year on, this number has only risen. With benefits including operational cost savings, flexibility of delivery and scalability capabilities, migrating IT systems to the cloud has proved itself by providing new opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

Although overall cloud adoption rates are high, for many businesses gateway cloud services commonly used are webhosting services, disaster recovery and office productivity tools (think online subscription tools such as Trello, Dropbox, and the like). A lot of these cloud services act as additions to existing on-premise infrastructure, and don’t necessarily replace existing onsite hardware or alleviate management time. Many companies still aren’t ready to make a full-scale move to cloud-based technologies, and that’s fully understandable. After all, migrating large sections of your entire network is perceived by many as a risky endeavour; you have to ensure your chosen hosted solutions provider is reliable, cost effective, and can guarantee resilience and security of your data and applications.

If you are among those who want to take a measured approach to migrating critical business systems to the cloud, your phone system is an excellent starting point. By working with a communications provider who offers both cloud-based and hybrid (i.e. a mix of cloud and on-premise) phone systems, you’ll not only receive expert guidance, but also the flexibility to customise a migration path that fits your business.

Below are four reasons why starting your journey to the cloud via your business communications makes sense:

1. You can manage deployments in small groups

For many businesses, the phone system is the ideal service to serve as a catalyst in your transition to the cloud. Since it can be deployed in a phased approach, you can learn by transitioning small groups, teams or locations one at a time with little overall risk. Plus, you can also lean on the expertise of your service provider since most cloud vendors have helped countless other companies through similar transitions.

Beyond the initial implementation, businesses can also learn how to manage overall cloud applications from their service partners. They offer expertise your company may not have internally, making them an ideal resource to help you build a path to the cloud.

2. You have the flexibility to embrace the cloud fully, or bit by bit

Not only can deployments be phased, but moving your business communications to the cloud doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can choose a full cloud deployment or start with a hybrid approach that combines both cloud and onsite solutions. Hybrid solutions allow you to mix and match communications applications as you need them, and give your company the flexibility to deploy only what your business requires today, while keeping the option open to add additional cloud services or locations later.

3. You can make smarter use of internal resources

A system provider with cloud expertise can help you make better use of your internal IT resources. With a cloud deployment, applications are hosted remotely and maintained by the provider, relieving your IT teams of most or all network-related tasks. The business then consumes the services on a subscription basis rather than owning the infrastructure. In this model, the cloud provider manages the extra workload while freeing your IT team to focus on the initiatives that drive revenue for your business.

4. You can gain the buy-in you need to move forward with other cloud-based solutions

For any deployment to be successful, it must have buy-in from users. By focusing on your phone system early in your migration, you can introduce employees to the cloud’s many time-saving, productivity-enhancing benefits of the cloud. As their comfort grows, your ability to transition other systems and processes to the cloud will become easier. A provider with a reputation for excellent customer service and training options will help you quickly get buy-in from your employees.

For many of today’s businesses, a move to the cloud is just a matter of time. Choosing a phased approach with an early focus on your phone system is a smart choice, and tapping the expertise of a cloud phone service provider can make it an even smarter one.

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