On premise or cloud for your UC?

On premise Vs cloud: How should you host your unified communications environment?

08 February 2017

Technology is evolving all over the world, and the telephony and unified communications market is no different. Many businesses are moving away from traditional, on-site models to hosted UC environments. However, this isn’t always suitable for everybody. There’s no better time for IT managers to ask whether hosted or on-premise unified communications is the right solution for them going forward.

Is your business embracing the future of hosted unified communications?

With more than one option to consider, businesses often find it difficult to choose between hosted unified communications, on-premise unified communications, or a hybrid deployment of the two. To help provide a better understanding of on-premise vs cloud based UC, Prodec Networks has put together a quick guide to help businesses like yours, consider whether the advantages of on-premise or a cloud-based unified communications solution is the better option for your business.

On-Premise vs Cloud: Why Choose Cloud?

As Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is growing in popularity, many are turning to a business software phone system hosted in the cloud. This has become a very popular way to quickly acquire new technologies and the benefits are clear almost instantly:

Enhance your business strategy

Are you devoting a large part of IT budget and resource to business phone administration? Cloud-based unified communications can eliminate IT challenges, reduce costs and free up resource to ensure that your business is able to focus on key strategies, and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Future-proof your business

As your business grows, its requirements will change. You can future-proof the way your business communicates by turning to the cloud, opening up the opportunity for the latest in collaboration and mobility solutions. The cloud enables users to take advantage of new features and capabilities which can be added without disruption or the hassle of hardware requirements.

Create seamless mobility

Remote working is in high demand, and is now a necessity for businesses to keep up with the fast moving marketplace. Cloud based telephony can make this a seamless process. It eliminates the difficulty and pressure of integrating technology and telephony across multiple locations. It also gives users the freedom to work remotely and more productively than ever before.

Stay resilient with disaster recovery (DR)

Implementing cloud based telephony can include a continuity plan that’s designed to suit your organisation’s needs. This can include a plan to recover loss of connectivity as well as strategies to protect against the inability to get into the office at a certain time. With a cloud communication solution you can protect your business’ voice with employees available securely from any location.

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On-Premise vs Cloud: Why Choose On-Premise?

Despite the ever-growing cloud trend, strategically speaking this may not be the best suited solution for your business. There are many advantages to installing a new onsite phone system deployment, but what are they?


Is your business required to control its own data and maintenance management? Do you have IT resources at hand accustomed to managing and maintaining onsite communications? If so, your business might benefit from choosing an on-premise unified communications solution. Beware of systems that claim to offer everything and actually burden users with a platform that’s complicated and duplicative.

Capitalise your expenses

Does your business prefer to include long-term investment as part of its financial strategy? If so, on-premise business phone systems can be an excellent investment as you can capitalise on expenses by not spending on a recurring monthly operational cost. However, be cautious not to overspend and choose your manufacturer wisely, as not all onsite solutions are the same.

On-Premise vs Cloud: Why not choose the best of both and go Hybrid?

Are you happy with your on-premise system, but curious about the benefits of hosted delivery? Another option is to take advantage of the best of both options. With a Hybrid solution, you can maximise your investment in your onsite phone system, while beginning a migration path to the cloud. This enables you to combine the stability and control of an onsite phone system with the immediacy and convenience of the cloud. You can quickly achieve significant productivity gains by enhancing applications quickly and easily, without adding to your IT team’s workload or making a capital expense.

When it comes to choosing between on-premise and cloud based UC, Prodec Networks can help you make the right choice for your business. Prodec partners with leading telephony and communications providers to delivers brilliantly simple unified communication solutions that businesses of any type can rely on, available as on-premise, hosted, or hybrid models.

Prodec Networks has the expertise and knowledge to help businesses nationwide configure, install, manage and support tailored business communications solutions. Learn more by clicking on the banner below.

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