Prodec Networks to offer Palo Alto Networks customers a free Best Practice Assessment (BPA)


Lee Ellams


06 May, 2019



Whether you're new to Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls or a veteran user, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is knowing whether your firewalls are configured correctly and are fully protecting your network.

Prodec Networks is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with its partner Palo Alto Networks to announce the Best Practice Assessment (BPA) tool which can help meet that challenge.

The BPA assesses configurations, identifies risks, and provides recommendations on how Palo Alto customers can fix security issues. It compares a customer’s current configurations against best practices and produces a guide to which best practices the customer is and isn’t following, including detailed recommendations per feature.

Why should you use the BPA?

For existing Palo Alto customers, the BPA tool For NGFW and Panorama allows you to measure what, where and how you are applying your Palo Alto Networks platform, and how these configurations compare to best practice. 

Security standards change over time, so reassessing your environment against the latest best practice continually is something Prodec advise to all customers. What was best practice a year ago is unlikely to be best practice today.

What does a BPA look like?

The BPA consists of two components: a security policy capability adoption heatmap and the assessment.

A security policy capability adoption heatmap

A Security Policy Capability Adoption Heatmap

BPA heatmap showing adoption numbers and history to see if you are improving or areas that need attention.

The adoption heatmap analyses Panorama network security management and individual NGFW configurations to see how you are using Palo Alto Networks prevention capabilities. Specifically, the tool analyses your rule-base to identify whether your capabilities are being leveraged. Shown in a historical matrix form, along with colour coding, you can use the heatmap to help determine which security areas need attention.

Best Practice Assessment

Palo Alto Best Practice Assessment

BPA Best Practice summary showing Compatability, Control Category and Class Summaries.

The BPA is ideal for any business using Palo Alto Networks technology, especially in the following scenarios: 

  • When customers want help implementing best practices across architecture
  • If security strategy is not prevention-oriented
  • When IT & security leaders lack knowledge of what's going on in their networks 
  • If customers invest in Palo Alto Networks but don't fully utilise its capabilities

A best practice assessment is highly recommended and easy to get started. Simply complete the contact form and one of Prodec's team of security experts will then be in touch to assist you.