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Prodec sees continued growth in solutions, unified communications and support teams

13 April 2017

Prodec Networks Ltd is excited to announce that five new employees have joined the company.

Four of the five new employees, Paul Summerland, Damien Foote, Karina Clarke and Matt Raven, join our Unified Communications and solutions team. Directly interacting with our prospective customer base, the new team members will be helping to showcase solutions that enable businesses to communicate, collaborate, and connect with customers and colleagues more effectively.

Paul Summerland

Paul Summerland joins us from a sales background having previously worked with an independent supplier of business telecoms. Prior to this, Paul spent several years working in education, teaching sport to primary and secondary students: 

“The main reason why I joined Prodec Networks was because I believe we share the same ethos in helping and supporting both people and companies. Prodec Networks is obviously passionate about its business and proud of its success, I’m really excited to be joining a company that can deliver so much and can’t wait to contribute to its success”.

Damien Foote

Following a similar career change to Paul, Damien Foote worked as a carpenter for 8 years before trading in his hammer and saw for a desk and laptop. Damien felt the need for a new challenge in a completely new industry and began working for a supplier of leading telecommunications solutions before starting a new chapter at Prodec:

“After many years developing my knowledge of telecommunications, I felt my skills could be better utilised by a company as agile and dynamic as Prodec Networks. I’m excited to be joining Prodec and am very optimistic about the future”.

Karina Clarke

Karina Clarke recently left BT Local business to join Prodec Networks, bringing with her years of valuable experience consulting and selling both hosted and traditional telephony systems. Keen to expand her knowledge of IT solutions, Karina decided to join a new sales role at Prodec Networks:

After several years working with BT I realised there was much more to just selling a telephone system. I wanted to be able to offer my customers more. I’m excited to be joining Prodec as I now work for a company that can supply end-to-end technology solutions without restriction”.

Matt Raven

Self-proclaimed technology geek, Matt Raven has worked for a number of years within the IT sector. From a young age Matt learnt to build PCs and has developed a lifelong passion for all things technology related. Having spent a number of years working for a manufacturer of custom PCs and Servers, Matt is excited to be joining a company that offers a complete portfolio of IT solutions and services:

“I joined Prodec because the range of abilities available to me within the group is stronger and more diverse than I have had access to before. Working with Prodec is going to allow me to offer a greater variety of solutions that will truly permit me to contribute to the success of my customer’s business”.

Phil Pollard

Joining Prodec’s quickly expanding IT support and services team is Phil Pollard, bringing with him 20+ years of experience in the IT industry. Phil began his IT career working for leading IT manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, where he gained a solid understanding of manufacturer support offerings. As IT estates started to become mixed-vendor and much more reliable, customers began delaying the renewal of their support well past the warranty expiry period. This change prompted Phil to move away from the vendor and take a position selling third party solutions with a company that could offer a portfolio that was more vendor agnostic. Subsequently, Phil spent a number of years working with some of the UK’s leading IT support providers before joining Prodec earlier this year:

“I am genuinely delighted to be joining Prodec Networks at such exciting times. Everyone has made me very welcome and I look forward to being a part of the journey contributing to the future success of the company”.

Everyone at Prodec Networks wishes Paul, Damien, Karina, Matt and Phil the very best in their new roles and hope their experience here will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding. Interested in working for Prodec? Get in touch today.


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