Refurbished IT Hardware, Good for Business, Great for the Environment


Steve Hinsley


06 Nov, 2019



“Refurbished.” Used. Out of date. Mistreated. Partly broken. A huge negative, right?


Companies are slowly but surely understanding that purchasing refurbished IT hardware such as computers, servers, switches and other necessary parts can not only save money but significantly help the environment at the same time.

Cheaper and better

When understood correctly, refurbished tech can actually out-perform new equipment. How is that possible? Well, most have been inspected for full functionality, cleaned, repaired if needed, and upgraded to current specs and software.

Think about other industries. In the motor industry, if a manufacturer got hold of one of their cars, serviced it, gave it a full valet and then tuned it up so that it performs even better than before, that car would be a big improvement.

Many refurbished IT items have been used on short-term lease projects, in asset recovery or are returns from customers who decided not to keep the products. By thoroughly checking out the products, companies can offer these refurbished items at only a fraction of the cost when compared to brand new technology.

Refurbished IT is the equivalent of either buying a brand new saloon car or a superior one-year-old performance car for the same price. As soon as that new saloon car gets off the forecourt it’s worth half as much, same as the performance car last year.

Green is the new black

Continuing this car metaphor, you can think of that one-year-old performance car as one of the big brand electric cars which have been changing the motor industry.

It is estimated that 70% of the energy a typical laptop will consume during its life span is used when manufacturing it. So instead of working to reduce the amount of power computers use, it’s more beneficial to save energy by producing fewer new computers.

Companies shouldn’t overlook their eco-friendly values as they are important factors for customers when deciding to make a purchase or get involved in a business relationship. Companies that choose to invest in refurbished IT hardware are able to advertise that they are doing their part in helping to save the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Used or Refurbished?

A used product or component is typically marked “used” or “as is” which means they have only had basic testing and no upgrades. Used IT hardware may be too outdated to work on a current system and is typically not under any type of warranty. While these type of items might cost much less than refurbished certified items, the technology may not be able to keep up with current demands.

Products that are certified refurbished on the other hand must adhere to strict third party evaluations. After testing, these pieces of hardware are then cleaned and upgraded. Most certified refurbished IT hardware items will come with some form of warranty.

Environmental consequences

It’s not just the energy needed to manufacture a device which impacts the environment. The same building process will involve waste, huge carbon emissions, water pollutants and ongoing consumption through shipping.

The equipment itself contains many toxic components such as lead, chromium, cadmium and brominated flame-retardants. These materials can cause allergic reactions, anemia, liver damage, lung damage, brain damage and death, just from seeping into the air. When sent to landfill sites, these chemicals can mix with rainwater and groundwater, so end up contaminating animal and human life.

Mining for the raw materials and searching for rare minerals is also an extremely destructive process of new electronic manufacturing. Even recycling these components can spread pollutants, overuse energy and harm the environment. Reusing is always the most environmentally responsible choice you can make.

Cost-effective, clean, responsible

Prodec Networks is an authorised channel partner for technology leaders such as Cisco and their Refresh scheme. These relationships are heavily enforced by brand protection to ensure that a suitable level of quality, stability and security is upheld. Partnerships like this remove any doubt when considering the risks of buying refurbished hardware.

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