Release of StarLeaf Pronto set to transform the meeting room experience




05 Feb, 2019


Press Release

StarLeaf, a leading provider of cloud-based messaging, voice and video collaboration solutions, has used this year’s ISE event in Amsterdam to announce the launch of StarLeaf Pronto, a device which allows users to join video meetings and screen share in an instant.

StarLeaf Pronto removes the challenges, frustrations and wasted time often experienced by users when attempting to join meetings using a video conferencing system. 

With StarLeaf Pronto, a user simply has to enter a meeting room and connect StarLeaf Pronto to their laptop. StarLeaf Pronto then automatically recognises the user’s calendar and synchronises any meetings with the room. Users can join meetings in an instant, even if the room was not booked in advance. Simple.

StarLeaf Pronto also helps enterprise users overcome the challenge of reliable and instant screen sharing in the meeting room. Previous solutions such as cable adapters or slow and unreliable wireless presentation systems will now be a thing of the past.

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“With StarLeaf Pronto, users can intuitively meet, connect, and share in an instant,” commented Kevin Bernitz, VP Product Management, StarLeaf. “Our commitment to transforming the way enterprises converse, connect, and communicate means that employees are empowered to collaborate more effectively and remain securely at the forefront of working practices.”

With its smart dual connector, StarLeaf Pronto supports both USB-A and USB-C and works with all Windows and Mac laptops. StarLeaf Pronto provides reliable, easy-to-use, instant screen sharing which is protected by wired connectivity for all data transmission so that everything is encrypted when sharing. This ensures that security and reliability are always at the heart of the video conferencing system.

Prodec Networks is a StarLeaf premier partner and has a specialised team of experts dedicated to communication and collaboration technologies. If you’d like to learn more about how StarLeaf Pronto and other collaboration tools can help your business improve productivity, accelerate decision-making and achieve better results, contact Prodec Networks today.

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