ShoreTel Conference 2017

ShoreTel Partner Conference 2017: Collaboration and Cloud are King and Queen

11 April 2017

The 2017 UK ShoreTel Partner conference had a strong, recurring message that ran across the entirety of the day: when it comes to business communications, collaboration and cloud are king and queen.

The importance of communications that enable collaboration.

For years, ShoreTel has been at the bleeding edge of unified communications technology. ShoreTel has continued to drive the UC marketplace forward by providing innovative communications solutions that streamline and improve the capabilities of business correspondence. ShoreTel’s motto is “Brilliantly Simple”, and this rings true with both the simplicity of their UC technology, but also because it makes communication a breeze.

By making it easier for individuals to communicate, albeit by phone, email, instant message or otherwise, people are more likely to collaborate with each other on business activities. This, in turn, can improve the efficiency, capability and agility of an organisation as a whole. At the same time, unified communications increases the availability of team members to respond to colleagues and customer enquiries with minimum disruption to day-to-day activities.

ShoreTel’s communications continue to empower collaboration in the workplace. Future updates to the Connect platform, as demonstrated by Adrian Hipkiss, ShoreTel VP & EMEA MD at the Partner conference, are sure to bolster ShoreTel’s position as a Unified Communications and Collaboration leader. Watch this space for more information about what the future holds for ShoreTel’s technology, and how it can help businesses like yours improve internal collaboration.

Why Cloud is the future of business communications.

The use of communications delivered through the cloud was another focal point of the Partner Conference, and how they can be used to further encourage collaboration, whilst enabling mobility for a remote or on-the-go workforce.

It’s difficult to read an article about cloud technology without seeing the words “agility”, “flexibility” and “availability” scattered throughout. These are after all some of the main attractions that the cloud can provide for businesses. However, the same terms are also key requirements for an effective business communications infrastructure. Today’s customer-centric workplace environments drive an “any place, any time” message, but for many organisations, their comms needs to play catch-up in order to match this ideology. ShoreTel’s agile, flexible and available platform ticks all of these boxes.

ShoreTel’s cloud-based unified communications platform provides organisations suffering from ageing phone systems with access to the latest and greatest. Businesses can set up and operate their cloud communications with minimum IT constraints and in-house resources. By accessing a centralised hosted phone service, scaling (or descaling) for growth is simple and cost-effective. Cloud communications are simple to foster within an organisation, and just as easy to maintain.

Collaboration and Cloud allow communications to achieve more.

It’s clear to see why ShoreTel promote the cloud and collaboration as driving forces for the development of their applications and technology. Today’s modern workforces need to remain connected, and by implementing a UC solution such as ShoreTel Connect, modern businesses allow their employee base to communicate simply, and effectively.

Ultimately, the message from the event was as follows: for companies looking to improve the flexibility of their communications whilst improving the availability of their employees, ShoreTel’s Cloud platform offers some tangible and attractive opportunities.

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