Steve Hinsley


10 Oct, 2019



The ISDN and PSTN phase out countdown is closing in on half way, but what does this mean for your business?

In 2015, BT announced a plan to phase out its ISDN and PSTN services by 2025, expecting all business users to migrate onto an IP network by this time. Their vision: to replace legacy networks and platforms with a single IP core network.

Nearly five years in and BT are optimistic that this can be achieved on schedule, but it's an extremely ambitious target, even with half a decade left to achieve it. With millions of businesses yet to migrate, and any investment in the existing ISDN lines unlikely to take place in the near future, 2025 suddenly seems a lot closer.

Dont wait

Switching your phone system to a VoIP provider may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually an extremely painless process, once you know what you need.

Although businesses will eventually be forced to update their systems to IP-based communications, those that wait until the last minute will miss out on a range of benefits enjoyed by sophisticated SIP-based, unified communication technologies.

SIP trunking and hosted telephony are forms of IP telephony which remove the physical aspect of phone lines. Voice calls can be made over an IP access circuit like an internet connection. UC builds on this by seamlessly integrating channels to make communication simple; regardless of location or device. These powerful solutions offer increased mobility and scalability, enabling businesses to streamline their communication resources and cost.

Whilst SIP trunking saves money by lowering call rates and reducing infrastructure needs, it also offers a superior level of flexibility traditional ISDN simply cannot compete with. As businesses continue to gravitate towards a more mobile and agile workforce, the demand for a solution which can serve this requirement will continue to increase over the coming years.

In with the new

Even though IP-based telephony has quickly grown in popularity, many businesses are still reluctant to make the move. This is likely because ISDN has been a robust and reliable technology and has served a large number of businesses well for many years. However, with next to no investment going into ISDN, it must be questioned how reliable and economical it will remain.

Like it or not, IP-based telephony will quickly be the future. By making the move away from ISDN today, your organisation can enjoy the increased flexibility and availability a well configured IP telephony system offers. It also helps that the cost savings of moving to IP can be phenomenal. There aren’t even any concerns about about communications downtime, as the switch from ISDN to IP is instant, and won't impact your comms.

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