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The Everywhere Office: Introducing the modern workplace

29 August 2017

Do you work in a modern workplace?

What makes a workplace modern? Is it edgy decor in the office? An office dog? Maybe it's an open plan office. Maybe not. 

Here at Prodec Networks, we strongly believe that a modern workplace is an environment in which individuals can work to their full potential without restrictions or limitations, in a way that works for them. For a lot of businesses, this doesn’t necessarily involve an office at all. “Work” is no longer just a physical building on a business park somewhere. It’s now wherever an employee chooses to connect to their business network, access required resources, and operate just as effectively as if they were sitting at their desk. It might be at home, it might be on a train, it might be on a customer site, or it might even be on holiday. The modern workplace is The Everywhere Office.

Everywhere’s a workspace.

Mobile working isn’t a new initiative; it’s already widespread across the UK. According to the TUC, over 4.2 million of us are regularly working from home, a figure that is only increasing. “Work” is becoming less and less about being somewhere that people go, and more about what people do.

A worker no longer needs to be confined to a traditional office environment to work. In fact, organisations that aren’t embracing mobile working practices are not only restricting the capability of their employees to achieve their objectives, but are also limiting the overall productivity output of the business as a whole. The impact mobile working has on productivity has been studied extensively. These productivity bonuses are achieved because mobile working is shown to provide:

  • Improved employee availability
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Shorter or no commute time
  • Improved motivation
  • Higher levels of job retention

…and perhaps most importantly, mobile working improves employee enablement.

Believe it or not, most employees want to do their jobs well! They want to achieve their goals and targets, hit their sales figures, be part of their business ethos, and take their hard-earned commission home.

Providing your teams with a mobile working environment can help them to achieve this by extending the environment in which they can work productively, while reducing downtime caused by travel, office disruption, unnecessary meetings and customer site visits.

How important is IT’s role in the modern workplace?

The primary goal of a business IT department is to act as an enabler, or more specifically, to enable a workforce to access required data and applications. To “extend” the workplace out of the office, your existing IT infrastructure needs to be amended accordingly to ensure remote workers can operate to the same level of quality as office-based workers.

Without the correct technologies and processes in place, the modern workplace isn’t sustainable, and individuals won’t be able to work effectively while remote. Not having the correct infrastructure can also raise issues around security and data protection, device management, communication restrictions and limitations around access.

One of the greatest problems that mobile working can generate if managed incorrectly is an increase in shadow IT usage across an organisation. As mentioned previously, the majority of individuals want to work, and if their IT restricts their capabilities, users will reach out to unsanctioned third party applications and programs in order to hit their goals.

Building the modern workplace.

Achieving a “modern workplace” isn’t as simple as flipping a switch or changing a company’s outlook on remote working. It’s a vast cultural and technological change for an organisation, but one that offers a world of new benefits that can increase staff happiness and improve the bottom line.

Over the next few months, Prodec Networks News will explore the modern workplace and provide insight, guides and tips into how your business can achieve a sustainable and effective mobile workforce supported by an excellent IT infrastructure.

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