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The Prodec Networks guide to securing BYOD

02 December 2015

Many businesses often forget that with the move to BYOD, risk management and network security is still a core IT responsibility. Is your BYOD policy secure?

IT departments are becoming increasingly concerned about the capability to protect personal devices and the sensitive business information they hold. This lack of protection puts business data at huge risk. Personal devices are also frequently exposed to ‘out of office’ threats, due to unprotected Wi-Fi networks and public computers which are shared amongst unknown users. In order to prevent a security breach taking place because of a BYOD policy, businesses need to work with their employees to ensure that each device is secured to an optimum capacity.

Prodec has put together a guide to help businesses and employees protect their own devices from security breaches:

1. Anti-virus systems: Help your employees install a top quality anti-virus product to protect all personal devices and systems. If you are unsure of what product to install, independent websites and expert opinions are always helpful when making this decision. The BYOD and network security specialists at Prodec Networks are also available to offer you impartial, expert advice if you require further help.

2. Protect all systems against advanced cyber-criminal weapons: Integrate software that detects and removes all malware and scans traffic to identify malicious activity. Ideally, to have optimum protection, ensure your software uses a real-time traffic scanner, malware removal and an online scanning engine.

3. Keep mobile software up to date: Ensure your employees update their mobile software when required. This works to ensure that vulnerable applications remain secure.

4. Check your programs and applications: Make sure you are completely aware of the programs and applications your employees have installed on the system. You will require this information to ensure that all sensitive data is not accessible and can’t be shared online. Remember, highly sensitive data is always targeted. You must then run regular system scans and check what your employees share.

5. Address the experts: Don’t forget to question your employees’ attitude and critical judgement ability. Make sure that your employees interact with the IT department and are not afraid to ask for assistance with protecting their devices. As for your IT teams, Prodec Networks has a team of network security specialists that can provide IT Managers with guidance on how to keep all BYOD secure. Collecting valuable information and advice can help you understand what needs to be protected and how to protect it.

Are you looking to implement or improve your BYOD security policy in your business? Get in touch with the experts at Prodec Networks today.

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