Top tips you can use to secure your mobile workers




10 Jul, 2019



When mobile workers connect to any Wi-Fi network from their laptops, tablets and smartphones, they expose themselves to potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

If certain precautions are not carried out, then employees can find themselves unintentionally exposing your company’s website, network and other sensitive data to cybercriminals.

Unfortunately one the most important elements of mobile workforce security is also the most frequently forgotten. User education. Even with the latest next-generation security technologies in place, you still need to educate your employees and make them aware of the potential threats they’ll face.

From an organisational standpoint, responsibility for educating users about potential cyber threats and best practices for security, ultimately lies within the organisation. To help with this, Prodec Networks has compiled a list of top tips which can be shared and used by your remote workforce to help improve their security posture and protect them from compromising company security. 

Top tips for the remote worker:

  • Keep your accounts secure by regularly changing your passwords and trying not to use the same password twice.
  • Keep work data and personal information separated, ideally on different devices.
  • Regularly check that all of your software is up-to-date and perform any required updates.
  • When logging in, do not check the “remember me” box as this makes it easier for cyber-criminals to gain access to all your accounts.
  • Never use an unsecured public Wi-Fi network to send or open sensitive information.
  • Rather than saving all your data on one device, make use of a secure cloud-based service.
  • Never leave your devices unattended.
  • Use available security software tools such as firewalls and anti-virus applications to protect your data.
  • Before you log into Wi-Fi, always connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to encrypt your internet traffic.
  • Ensure that you are making use of “Find My Device” features on your devices to give yourself a chance of locating lost or stolen devices.

There are also a number of precautions that you can take to better ensure that the security of your remote workers and their devices is the best it can be.

Top tips for employers and IT teams:

  • Create a company policy outlining the procedures and precautions that need to be followed by all remote workers.
  • Only allow pre-approved devices to connect to company networks.
  • Provide workers with approved tools that are effective and non-prohibitive from the workers’ point of view, but are also easy to secure.
  • Enforce data encryption and two-factor authentication on all data and devices accessing the company system.
  • Use network monitoring software or services to keep track of potential threats and anomalies in your network.
  • Regularly check that all software is up-to-date and make sure that security patches are being updated automatically.
  • Secure all web traffic flowing through a network by using a VPN.
  • Invest in suitable endpoint security technology to act as the last line of defence against cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities within remote user devices and gain access to your integral systems.
Network woman monitoring the network

Although companies face some degree of risk when it comes to remote employees, following the steps above will give you a much better chance of protecting your company from becoming a victim of cyber-crime. However, if you still have concerns about the risks associated to remote working and would like to learn more about how to mitigate them, do not worry, help is available. 

Prodec Networks partners with many of the world’s leading manufacturers in cyber-security including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, HPE Aruba and Fortinet. Prodec offers a wide range of products, solutions and service to secure and empower workforces to be able to work with greater levels of freedom. If you would like to learn more about how you can enable your workforce, contact one of Prodec’s experts today.