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15 Jun, 2021



When is a camera more than just a camera? When it’s a IoT camera that’s able to watch events happening and react to them in real time. For example, if a worker enters a zone that requires PPE but doesn’t have the correct clothing, the camera will spot it and trigger a tannoy announcement, making the worker aware that they need to put on PPE or leave the area. At the same time, it’ll email the footage to the supervisor so they can review it and follow up.

 Computer Vision is a reality

This is a simple example of Computer Vision at work. What sits between the IoT camera and the tannoy announcement are cutting-edge AI solutions that interpret what’s happening and automate a predetermined path of action.

This technology is no longer just conceptual. IoT is now becoming part of many digital transformation projects within commercial and public sector organisations. It’s transforming workplaces by making them location- and event-aware spaces, capturing information on the people and objects and using it to improve safety, cut costs, generate revenue, improve decision-making and more.

So, how does it work and what could it do for your business?

A camera focused on the future – Meraki MV

Let’s start with the IoT cameras. Forget thoughts of old-style CCTV or IP-based cameras that can require costly, complex DVR storage, high bandwidth networks and someone to manually trawl through hours of footage. Meraki MV smart cameras are powerful AI computers, able to process what they see and hear at the edge of the network, in real-time. This means they can watch, learn and automate actions, based on what they see. //

What’s accelerating the update of these IoT cameras is how Meraki has simplified deployment and removed the need for the network video recorder (NVR), significantly reducing associated costs. It means businesses are able to put MV cameras in more places, opening up endless possibilities for their use.

An expanding universe – Meraki Technology Partners

MV cameras are packed with features straight out of the box, such as light sensors and microphones. But things get really exciting when you add Meraki Technology Partner Cloud software solutions. Suddenly, you unlock their full potential and a whole range of new capabilities comes into play.

Partner software solutions offer ready-to-use applications that leverage AI to provide additional object, vehicle and behavioural algorithms. This boosts the variety of use cases you can monitor and react to – all from the comfort of your desk and without the need to manually review files. What’s more, clever software solutions can transform the data captured by MV cameras into insightful, personalized dashboards, revealing business information that can be used by operations management, HR and customer service teams.

And unlike other IoT cameras, Meraki MV cameras can handle more than one application, making them even more versatile.

Showing you the bigger picture

To see just how clever the software is when dealing with people and vehicles, take a look at V-App You’ll see how the vehicle tracking app keeps count of vehicle numbers, giving you live stats on what’s happening and showing you trends across time. Similarly, the people counting app not only tells you how many people are in your building today, but checks for social distancing and mask wearing. If the AI spots that people aren’t complying with the rules, it can send an alert to the relevant team so they can intervene fast.

Working hard in every sector

Sector-specific solutions are available too. Partners, such as EVERYANGLE, have developed Computer Vision applications for sectors including retail, manufacturing, modern workplace and more. For example, has a next-generation footfall app for brick-and-mortar retailers which takes business information to the next level. It reveals a breakdown of every customer by gender, age and generation, tracking where they went, how long they spent there, and even if they were happy or not. All this information and more is displayed in user-friendly dashboards. It even links to point of sale systems. See more detail about the app here.

The power of the Meraki Technology Partner Cloud is that this technology is tried, tested and ready to use in your business today. And because it’s cloud-based, it’s not only affordable, but it’s effortlessly scalable too.

End-to-end location monitoring

An increasing number of businesses are seeing value in creating smart environments that enable location monitoring for people and things. Extending the use of IoT devices to achieve this is now much easier through Cisco DNA Spaces, Cisco Wi-Fi 6 Access Points and its extensive IoT Device Marketplace of third-party sensors. This full end-to-end IoT location monitoring portfolio is designed to reduce physical-space blind spots and enable businesses to understand how people and things are behaving in a given place.

With DNA Spaces, you can seamlessly deploy third-party IoT, such as low cost BLE tags, to provide high-value, real-time, location-based monitoring and alerting for both assets and employees. One technology partner in the IoT Device Marketplace supporting this ability is With their BLE tags and sensors, you can monitor room occupancy, improve asset management and track movement flows of people and equipment. And that’s just for starters.

What can IoT and Computer Vision do for you?

The short answer is – almost anything you want. There are so many use cases for this technology when it comes to automation, monitoring and asset tracking. The best way to understand what Meraki MV cameras and Cisco’s wider solutions could do for your business is to talk to us. We can help you determine what you’d like to achieve and create the right IoT solution. As a Cisco Premier Partner, our expert knowledge can accelerate your deployment, so you feel the benefits of this technology sooner.

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