What is a Huddle Room?




05 Jun, 2018



The last five to ten years has seen a grand shift in the way businesses can (and choose to) operate. This transition has been influenced by an increased uptake in business technologies such as cloud and the Internet of Things, as well as societal changes such as the millennial influence on the workplace. This has resulted in changing workplace trends such as greater demand for flexible working by employees, a larger requirement to collaborate with external participants, and a greater onus on IT teams to provide employees working away from the office with the same level of resources as if they were at their desk.

As the need to support long-distance collaboration with colleagues, partners and customers has increased alongside these new flexible working initiatives, businesses are observing a higher demand for meeting spaces in their offices. Organisations are reviewing their meeting resources to provide greater collaboration capabilities, and for many businesses, Huddle Rooms – also commonly known as huddle spaces, or even video rooms – have proven to be the solution.

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Definition: Huddle Room

A huddle room is a small meeting space that is normally more informal than a ‘traditional’ meeting room or boardroom. Designed to allow small groups of individuals to meet quickly and easily with external participants, these compact spaces are perfect for video collaboration and conference calls. They’re also great for quick team catch-ups and other sessions that don’t warrant the use of larger pieces of meeting real estate.


What are the benefits of Huddle Rooms?

Huddle rooms have proven to be popular in modern workplaces because they make excellent use of space. Transforming larger, in-demand meeting rooms into two or more huddle rooms creates a greater number of meeting spaces, and helps to cut down on meeting room congestion. From an IT perspective, they’re much cheaper to kit out effectively than a meeting room thanks to their limited size, and with a number of dedicated huddle room systems available, it’s also surprisingly simple to create a number of “conference pods” perfect for conducting online meetings and web conferences with remote participants and stakeholders.

Huddle Rooms are great for supporting remote and flexible workers, as they allow them to engage with their office-based peers in a face-to-face environment without having to travel into the office. They also allow your employees to actively embrace simple video collaboration tools that historically suffer from low user uptake due to the complexity of use.


Which collaboration tools work well in huddle rooms?

With a wide range of Huddle Room conferencing platforms available, it’s important to select one that best fits the space, as well as best fits your business requirements. Implementing an all-in-one room system that combines video, audio and data sharing features can keep costs to a minimum while creating an environment perfect for interacting naturally with external recipients. Most importantly, it's critical that you consider the collaboration applications that your business uses to ensure that the equipment you select works effectively alongside the software.

Common collaboration tools that work in huddle rooms include:

  • Audio and video conferencing equipment
  • LED Screens for data and video collaboration
  • Digital whiteboards for interactive collaboration
  • Wireless connectivity and wireless presenting capabilities

It’s vital that Huddle Room technology is simple to use and quick to get going. Selecting equipment that integrates with desk-based conferencing tools that your colleagues are used to using such as Skype for Business makes setting up a meeting quick, effective and stress-free.

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