What is SD-WAN and why do you need it?




06 Nov, 2019



What is SD-Wan?

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is an alternative approach to managing traditional wide-area networks (WAN) and network connectivity, which lowers operational costs and improves resource utilisation for multisite deployments.

SD-WAN is a virtual WAN architecture which allows organisations to leverage a variety of data transport services – including LTE, MPLS and broadband internet services. It enables network administrators to use bandwidth more efficiently and ensures the highest level of performance for critical applications without sacrificing security or data privacy.

Why do you need it?

Over recent years, the way we work has changed. Businesses have quickly recognised the advantages gained from using SaaS/IaaS applications delivered from cloud environments. However, the race to adopt these services has led to poor user experiences and data security being compromised.

Unfortunately, most traditional WAN networks were designed for a different era and have therefore not been built to handle the unprecedented explosion of WAN traffic that cloud adoption brings. As a result, the increased traffic is creating management complexity, application performance unpredictability, and data vulnerability.

As enterprises open themselves up more to the cloud, they become more exposed to major threats and compliance issues. It is extremely challenging to protect the critical assets of an enterprise when applications are being accessed by an increasingly diverse range of users including mobile workforces, guests, partners and customers. As a result, businesses require a modern-age solution which can remove this complexity - whilst also perfectly balancing the user experience and security.

SD-Wan addresses these challenges and delivers this balance.

What are the benefits of SD-WAN?

Simplify management.

As a centralised, cloud-delivered WAN architecture, SD-WAN makes it easy to scale across thousands of endpoints, whether they are in the branch, campus, or cloud. IT has the ability to automate zero-touch deployment globally, using a single management interface.

Improve the user experience.

WAN optimisation delivers optimal cloud application performance from multiple clouds to users anywhere. In the event of link failure or link degradation, application-aware routing can dynamically route traffic between dedicated circuits and secure Internet connections to drive constant delivery of business-critical applications. Additionally, businesses realise OpEx improvements by offloading expensive MPLS services with more economical and flexible broadband (including secure VPN connections).

Increase security.

Threat prevention is enforced in the right place. SD-WAN architecture features advanced distributed security at the branch level (such as a firewall, DNS enforcement, or intrusion prevention).

SD-WAN has the potential to reduce the complexity of traditional networks and provide greater visibility and control. If you need advice on choosing the right service, or you just require further information, our expert team will be happy to discuss with you.

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