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What is Shoretel Connect?

08 December 2015

Shoretel Connect works by integrating all of your business’s communications systems into one interface, accessible on desktop machines and also on the move. This simplifies the user experience dramatically, making collaboration between employees and customers simpler and more profitable. It makes setting up and connecting to meetings effortless, and makes internal business communications just as painless as personal ones.

ShoreTel Connect is much more than just a phone system. It’s the perfect example of Unified Communications working at its best, and allows you to build your communications system in the way that works for your business – whether it’s completely cloud based, completely hardware based, or a mix of the two. It’s an incredibly flexible platform that results in improved customer insights, workforce productivity and reduced IT operating costs.

Features of Shoretel Connect

  • Advanced collaboration tools such asweb conferencing, instant messaging, P2P Video and screen sharing
  • Customisable call handing, whether on an office line or on mobile
  • Coherent application integration for portable communication devices, including wearable tech
  • A variety of applications such as notification applications, CRM integration tools, and many more

Ultimately, the ShoreTel Connect platform makes business communications simple, providing an exceptional user experience by collaborating everything under one interface. It will help improve productivity, make training simple and even lower costs, letting you focus on your business, not your phone system.

This innovative platform can be delivered in two ways - as a service or as a product, with three types of deployment options: onsite, cloud and hybrid. This flexibility achieves the long awaited for promise of unifying your communications system, seamlessly integrating how your business communicates with both apps and services.

If you’re looking for more in-depth technical specifications about the ShoreTel Connect platform and what it can achieve for your business, click on the banner below.

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