Why does mobile working create a more productive workforce?




13 Mar, 2018



With the ’everywhere office’ now a flexible and highly popular approach to working, organisations limiting their workforce to a traditional on-site environment are struggling to maintain the same levels of productivity as mobile organisations. In fact, the importance of mobility has become so prevalent in the workplace that many businesses now see it as a ‘must-have’ strategy to maintain efficiency.

How is productivity gained from going mobile?

As today’s emerging workforce has been educated using portable technology such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, there is now a much greater demand for it in the workplace. With mobile devices at everyone’s disposal, it means there's less of a need to work office-based hours. Employees can operate flexibly, remotely and more importantly, efficiently without the need to be constantly sat behind an office desk. Businesses that embrace the concept of a mobile workforce are giving their workers access to the information, communication and collaboration tools they need to work effectively off-site as well as on-site. This is the basis behind the modern workplace: organisations are enabling their employees, rather than restricting them.

So what exactly are the benefits of leveraging a mobility strategy, and how exactly does a mobile workplace boost productivity? Read on to learn the three top reasons why a mobility workforce will help you stay ahead of competitors and boost the productivity of your employees:

1. 24/7 access to information and applications

When staff work from the office, they generally have immediate access to all the information and tools they require to do their job effectively. Without mobility enablement in place, as soon as staff leave the office, access to information can be limited or simply not possible to share or receive. This creates time lags, inefficiencies and the potential for information to be forgotten or lost if not immediately recorded or shared.

With a mobility solution in place, employees essentially carry around an extension to the office wherever they go. Portable devices have evolved into portable offices and this, combined with secure access to business documentation, means that employees can have more access to information than ever before. Remote workers are able to update and respond to information in real time, so rather than waiting until they are back in the office to provide feedback, details can be shared and received accurately and in a timelier fashion. With a mobile workforce, employees can achieve more in the same amount of time and their job not only becomes more manageable, but also more productive.

2. Better communication

Communication is key in ensuring your workforce remains productive, and a mobile workforce gives your employees more flexibility to communicate effectively with their customers and colleagues wherever they are. With a unified communications (UC) solution in place that's accessible from multiple locations and devices, your workforce is reachable wherever they go and the quality of off-site communications facilitates faster decision-making. High-quality and rapid communication provides a more efficient organisation and paves the way for greater productivity. With a UC solution in place, all workers share the exact same capability to communicate productively, enhancing the potential for innovation and business growth.

3. Enhanced collaboration

The ability to collaborate effectively and efficiently with colleagues, customers or suppliers is a crucial element to the success of your business. Whilst office based workforces have more opportunity to work as part of a team, collaboration and close working with colleagues who are geographically far apart has always been more challenging. Thankfully it has never been easier for remote or mobile workers to communicate and collaborate effectively with their peers, and from wherever they may be.

Recent innovations in mobile technologies enable secure and simple collaboration to happen without the need for everyone to be in the room at the same time. With home access to superfast fibre optic and cable broadband, alongside the increasingly wider availability of 4G (soon to be 5G), mobile workers can use their chosen devices to connect with those they need to, when they need to.

It's time to make some moves within your business and go mobile

Leveraging a mobile workforce could revolutionise your business. As well as productivity gains, a mobility solution can deliver cost reductions, improved accessibly, greater communication and better collaboration. Within an increasingly mobile world, your business needs mobility to build on its business successes and fundamentally maintain a competitive advantage. 

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