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Why should you upgrade to unified communications?

19 July 2016

The not-so-secret costs of having an obsolete phone system.

How old is your current phone system? Do you even remember the last time it was upgraded? Your ageing phone system could be costing your business a lot more than what you think. When compared to modern systems, yours comes with larger maintenance and resource costs, and also infrastructure costs. On top of that, old phone systems don’t have the capabilities of up-to-date systems, so you could be missing out on increased mobility and flexibility, and suffer from fragmented applications and tools. Communication is the foundation that any business is built on. If you haven’t upgraded to a modern unified communications (UC) solution from a vendor such as ShoreTel, it could be setting you back, and costing you money.

Improved customer experience = happier customers, and higher retention rates, meaning more income. 

Implementing the right hosted phone solution can offer your customers improved engagement, security and reliability:

1. Customer Engagement

Upgrading to a Unified Communications solution such as ShoreTel Connect simplifies the way your employees manage their phones, contacts, conferencing, scheduling, video and instant messaging. Presence indicators and cross-communication capability means your employees are accessible to your clients and prospects, meaning their queries and requirements can be resolved as soon as possible, in a communication means that suits them.

2. Security

Today’s connected world needs to offer secure communications. Ensuring hackers can’t tap calls on a Wi-Fi hot spot, as well as a multitude of other security concerns aren’t an issue with ShoreTel Connect, due to ShoreTel’s Secure-Real-time Transfer Protocol SRTP.

3. Reliability

Perhaps most importantly, modern UC solutions are incredibly reliable, boast the highest call quality, provide up and running phones around the clock, a reliable service, and a well-balanced network.

Why is your current phone system costing you more than it needs to?

Archaic phone systems come with negative aspects that cost your business more than they need to. These include:

1. Maintenance costs

At the end of warranty (which chances are, you’re already past), you’re limited to paying for expensive maintenance contracts, or for ad hoc time and materials, which often costs even more. Even worse, once your system reaches end of life, you need to source parts from alternative locations which can be frustrating and pricey.

2. Line management

Business scaling, whether up or down, is part of doing business, as is moving premises. With traditional telephony systems, these configuration changes come with additional fees. The cost of redundant equipment and trunks to ensure your phone system is on can also be significant. A hosted deployment of ShoreTel Connect prevents these additional costs. It’s always on. Additionally, you can route your phone to your mobile, meaning you’re available regardless of location.

3. Pay-what-you-use models

Pay-what-you-use models can be unpredictable, as you can be charged for using additional voice and data. ShoreTel’s solutions are charged with a single monthly fee, meaning your costs are predictable, making budget planning far simpler.

4. The biggest cost of all: opportunity costs

Outdated telephony systems could be costing your business money in the form of missed opportunities. Poor quality equates to bad customer experience, and poor connections, blocked calls and other issues can lead to them questioning the quality of your offerings.

With a hosted ShoreTel Connect solution, all of the costs highlighted above become obsolete, and modern technology supports your business, and your all-important customers. A hosted managed VoIP service from ShoreTel allows you to select a plan that suits your needs and budget, without all of the additional costs that you’re possibly paying today.

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