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Your wireless needs to work, and we think Managed WiFi is the answer

09 August 2016

The problem: Your business WiFi needs to work, no matter what.

Your wireless network is vital to the day-to-day operations of your business, and it’s paramount that it remains stable and effective around the clock. Why? Without a reliable wireless connection that is probably taken for granted, productivity, ability to work, and bottom line all takes a hit. Nowadays, for a business to function to its capacity, wireless is just as important as electricity – it needs to be on, and it needs to work well.

The answer: Managed WiFi

A large number of organisations often don’t have the in-house capability or expertise to keep up with the fast-changing nature of wireless technology. As such, setting up, configuring and managing wireless LANs in order to ensure reliability but also get the most out of them can be a struggle.

Outsourcing the setup and/or management of your wireless networks to an MSP or VAR that offer managed WiFi services can ensure reliability. By effectively outsourcing the supervision of your wireless network to a managed WiFi provider, your business can enjoy the professional expertise, dedication and experience base that a business such as Prodec Networks can provide.

What are the benefits of managed WiFi?

Like any managed service, the surface level benefits include access to a team of professionals who have the knowledge and expertise required to configure and optimise your wireless network. Ongoing support and maintenance ensures that if something was to go wrong, it can be resolved swiftly and effectively meaning your workforce experiences minimal downtime and stay productive.

While the above is necessary, additional value of a managed WiFi service comes in the form of life cycle management and the ability to plan for future business growth and future infrastructure requirements. By looking ahead, your managed WiFi MSP is capable of suggesting new configurations, telling you where and when new equipment is needed, and also how you can utilise new applications and software in order to improve how your wireless is used across your organisation. Why settle for OK, when you can achieve the best by partnering with a business such as Prodec Networks?

About Prodec Networks

Prodec Networks works with a number of wireless vendors including Aerohive, Aruba Networks and Cloud4Wi in order to provide businesses with managed WiFi solutions that are designed and configured to suit each individual business.

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