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The rise in mobile devices, specialised applications, and other modern technologies mean working on-the-go is now just as easy for your users as working in an office environment. However, for mobile working to be effective, your mobile users require secure and seamless access to the same tools and functionality as their desk-centric counterparts.

Prodec helps to ensure your business processes, including the way employees communicate and collaborate, remain streamlined and consistent for all users across your entire organisation. 

Prodec’s mobile workforce solutions are designed to deliver the full benefits associated with enabling and managing a mobile workforce, but without any of the IT challenges attached. The technology included in these solutions enable your users to work effectively from any location, whilst also delivering your IT staff with the capability to manage mobile users and their associated devices, with absolute ease.

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Featured technologies for the On-the-Go workforce

On-the-go-pro - UC

Communicate and Collaborate from anywhere, at anytime

It’s no longer a necessity for everyone to be in the same room to collaborate effectively. The ability to communicate with colleagues and customers whilst on-the-go is a "must have" requirement for every organisation with mobile users. Prodec’s feature rich, unified communications solutions enable this by delivering all employees with a single application that allow users to share information by voice, video and group messaging, in a way that is seamless and natural.  

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Managing your mobile users with ease

Despite the many benefits a mobile workforce offers, managing these users effectively can present a number of challenges for your IT staff. Prodec Networks provides solutions that remove this headache and simplify mobility management to ensure your IT teams remain in control of all users, no matter their location. Prodec works with key vendors such as Cisco, Aruba Networks and Meraki to provide you with the tools to manage all users, devices and the applications connecting to your network. These solutions allow you to apply security policies, provision settings and restrictions, automate processes, monitor and troubleshoot in real time.

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Mobile Worker - Hosted Desktop

Secure, computing experience on any device from any location

Prodec Networks’ hosted desktops solutions enable you to provide your workforce with a fully functioning, secure, computing experience on any device from any location. Your mobile workers can be granted constant access to the tools, applications, and information they need to work to their full potential and in a way that suits the requirement of their job role. You also gain another level of security that ensures your data and information remains protected in the event of a mobile device being lost or stolen.

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