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Avaya is a leading provider of business communication and collaboration solutions which can be tailored and delivered the way you need — on-premise, private, public or hybrid cloud.

Avaya offers flexible, feature-rich communication solutions that are scalable and secure by design, enabling workforces to collaborate more productively, from any location.  

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Avaya creates intelligent connections that drive business, boost productivity and deliver experiences that matter. Discover how Avaya and Prodec Networks can help your business to achieve more.

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The Best Communication Solutions are the Simplest Ones

Avaya Cloud Office

Your business runs on communication: across teams, top down, in the office, in traffic, in a hurry. So, moving to a do-it-all, cloud-based phone system is high on your priorities. It’s finally fast and affordable to change what you’ve always used—to migrate, simplify, update. And that’s just for starters. 


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Work from Anywhere with Avaya Spaces

Fact is, you need a remote work strategy. Because work is ever more unplanned and reactive—and going on anywhere and everywhere. Support work in brand new ways that are scalable, cloud-based, and full of team interaction. Keep projects moving with immersive, zero-hierarchy collaboration that’s built on video and sharing. 


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Creating a seamless customer experience

Avaya is a world leader in contact centre solutions that have been meticulously engineered to deliver the very best customer experiences. Avaya's multi-touch customer experience solutions ensure customers can choose fast and efficient communication on the channels they prefer, helping you to build loyalty and value with every customer experience.      


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