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Delivering the ultimate collaboration experience with Avocor

Prodec Networks is proud to include Avocor’s interactive touch screen and display technologies within its portfolio of collaboration solutions for businesses. Avocor’s products are designed to improve cross-team communication and collaboration in the modern workplace. By delivering an intuitive user experience, Avocor enables people to work together on projects and initiatives that generate positive outcomes faster than ever before.

With a long, proven history in collaboration display hardware, Avocor is well known for its high quality, reliable and stable digital display platforms that deliver outstanding value to businesses of all sizes.

Like Prodec Networks, Avocor understands that there is not a “one solution fits all” product for every business and as such, manufactures a wide range of interactive displays to work with the hardware and software components that best suit the needs of each individual customer.

Why choose Prodec Networks for your next collaboration project?

Prodec Networks has its own specialised team of sales, technical engineers and support staff dedicated to collaboration and AV technologies. By truly understanding the importance of enabling effective collaboration in the modern workplace, Prodec Networks is the perfect choice for any organisation looking to introduce innovative technologies that help to transform and enhance the way its employees communicate and share information.

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The interactive screens range from Avocor

Avocor Partner - Avocor E-Series interactive displays

E Series

Avocor's E-Series of interactive displays are one of the highest performing, most cost effective screens available on the market. Available in three sizes, 65", 75" and 86", Avocor's E series are the ideal choice for use in a wide range of meeting or learning spaces.

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Avocor Partner - Avocor F10 Series range of interactive screens

F10 Series

The F10 series of interactive displays has been designed with ease-of-use and familiarity in mind. These screens are built to improve communication and enhance collaboration by integrating easily with a host of tools and devices.

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Avocor Partner - Avocor F50 Series of interactive screens

F50 Series

The F50 Series of interactive screens delivers a superior touch and white board experience which is pixel perfect. The F50 Series works seamlessly with unified communication hardware and software, making it an ideal choice for the corporate environment.

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AWV-6555  by Avocor

AWV-6555 by Avocor

Avocor has partnered with Microsoft to build and launch the MCD Series designed to enhance and accelerate teamwork, increase productivity and boost collaboration in the workplace. This new range of collaboration displays is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and delivers the power and productivity of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams at room-scale.

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Avocor Partner - Avocor interactive screen brochure

Creating collaborative business environments with Avocor

Prodec Networks supplies and supports the full range of Avocor products, including the E10, F10, F50 & MCD series of interactive touch screens. Prodec will work with you to ensure the most appropriate Avocor screens are implemented into your board, meeting, and huddle rooms so that you can enjoy a seamless collaboration environment across your business without being oversold.

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Avocor Partner - Colleagues working in a meeting room

Your guide to the modern meeting room

Avocor’s screens integrate seamlessly with a variety of collaboration applications such as Cisco Webex Teams and Skype-for-Business. It's also easy to incorporate a diverse range of video and voice conferencing hardware such as Huddly, StarLeaf, Polycom, Lifesize and Cisco. Discover how the feature-rich screens make scaling-up collaboration in meeting rooms quick and easy in Prodec's Modern Meeting Room eGuide.

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